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  1. My dad is retiring soon and he plans to do more fishing in his retirement (sounds rough, huh?). My plan as a retirement gift is a custom rod. I've built a handful of ice rods, but never a summer rod so I need a little help picking the blank. This is as much as I know: 6.5-7', at least IM6 graphite, 2 piece spinning rod. He will be primarily casting/reeling with jigs or bobber fishing, mostly targeting panfish, crappies, with some occasional bass and pike. Looking for recommendations, thanks in advance!!
  2. jakemcarroll

    Summer Wally Help!

    So I'll be fishing this weekend on Rice lake near Paynesville, MN. Darker/low vis water clarity. I've not had any luck getting into the walleyes on this lake before (it's a friends cabin so I've only fished it a couple times), but I put in some scouting last trip and have found a couple of locations to target now on the lake. I'm just wondering what baits I should be giving a try first for the early morning late night bites at this point in ths summer now. My first attempt was going to be draggin around some lindy rigs with a leech (maybe even gulp alive to start), and then hitting some weed lines (~8-12 ft) with some rapalas. Any suggestions would be welcome, I know where I can get into the northerns and panfish but would love to boat a walleye or two if possible.
  3. jakemcarroll

    Ameristep Alaskan Ice Shelter (Hub)

    I have the two man hub by Ameristep. I bought it on sale the man mall just because I needed a two man and it was relatively cheap. Once I got it home and set it up I was pleasantly surprised! Hooded roof vent, windows are removable (velcro), zipper was nice and heavy duty. Also comes with adjustable strap halfway up the sides as extra stakeout points for windy days. The bag is OK, it has backpack straps (thin nylon straps), but it big enough that I don't have to fight it to get it back into the bag. I'm extremely happy with my purchase, been out at least a half dozen times in it this year and would buy another for sure! I can't comment on how it compares to other hubs since this is the only one I have owned.
  4. jakemcarroll

    12' v-hull mod questions

    That sounds pretty darn nice to me, sounds like it should be alright to give it a few creature comforts! I would love to see some pics if anyone else has some??
  5. jakemcarroll

    12' v-hull mod questions

    Yeah, I don't want to go overboard, but sitting on a wood bench for even a couple of hours gets pretty rough, and that metal can get hot on some bare feet in the sun in a hurry. I'm basically looking to get a little higher (so I can sit without my knees in my chin), and to get a little bit more comfortable floor situation. Just wanted to make sure some short (maybe 12"?) pedestals and a minimal floor weren't going overboard.
  6. jakemcarroll

    12' v-hull mod questions

    My father has a 12' aluminum boat (v-hull, not a john boat) with a 5hp motor that we have had for probably 5 years now, we used it a couple times the first summer but college and jobs have gotten in the way of using it more. However thing have settled down now and I would like to spiff it up a bit to make it a little more comfortable for fishing for the upcoming summer now that we will have the time to use it. Right now it just has 3 wooden benches with floats under them and that is it. I would like to make some wooden flooring, add some pedestal seating and maybe a storage compartment. The only thing I'm wondering is this isn't a big boat, so will two pedestals and a low floor be stable enough, I thought I had seen some good projects on here but they are typically 14'+ boats. Just curious on some advice for how to mod it so we are ready for summer!
  7. jakemcarroll

    ice house or no ice house

    I do a little of both, I usually will start by drilling a bunch of holes and jigging around to see what the bite is like if I'm on a new lake. If I find that there is one or two holes that are consistent producers and it's cold/windy then I'll probably set up the portable. If it's a nice day or I have some tip-ups out with a group of people then I usually stay out of the portable. Also, once the sun sets I'm always in a portable of some kind.
  8. jakemcarroll

    Hole Placement in 6x6 Hubs?

    Just starting fishing this year in a hub style myself, usually when fishing with a friend we only run 1 flasher so we just drill three holes on one side and the flasher goes in the middle hole to pick up both jigs, worked well so far...although if my buddies had their own flasher we might go to the four hole pattern...
  9. jakemcarroll

    Need Suggestions for pup while at work

    Something that hasn't been mentioned yet is adopting a young dog instead of getting a puppy. My wife and I have now adopted to chocolate labs, both were between 1-2 years old when we got them, which meant while we were in school and now working (prob never gone more than 6 hours at at time between our schedules) we didn't have to worry about getting home as frequently as necessary as with the puppy to let them out to use the restroom. We are able to run them at the local dog park and backyard for excercise and in the summer I rollerblade with them a lot too. Just something to consider. I have had a couple buddies do the garage pen and it has worked well for them!
  10. Just wanted to shout out a thanks to the two guys who pulled me and my buddies out of a snow bank yesterday outside of Granite Falls near the Clarkson WMA!! Went to pull of the side of the road to park and there was WAY more snow than we expected! We ended up finding the most bird just west of Marshall near Ivanhoe, we saw a minimum of 30 birds, at least a dozen were roosters. I went through a box of shells with nothing to take home with me, although that is pretty typical of my shooting skills! Great day nonetheless thanks to the guys who pulled us out of the snow!
  11. jakemcarroll

    Suggestions for weekend getaway

    Myself and four college buddies are planning our annual (well this is only the second year, but we plan on making it annual), ice fishing trip. Last year we planned a last minute thing on Mille Lacs in a sleeper, and had a great time (even though we only caught a few small perch). I'm looking for any suggestions people have for a good resort/lake experience, we are open to lodges or sleeper ice houses and don't have any real preference on species although it would be nice to catch a few more than last year. We are also looking to try something different than Mille Lacs, we are hoping to try a different lake per year to get some variety (at least for the first few years). Probably looking to take the trip in Late January / Early February. We would probably be doing a long weekend (3 days), so something less than 5-6 hours drive would be best. Thanks in advance for the advice.
  12. jakemcarroll

    Pointer vs. Lab Feedback please

    I own a male chocolate lab and he "learned" how to hunt from my father in laws viszla and GSP (this will be the first season without the GSP, sad to see her go...), and I think they hunt fine together, my dog honors the point most of the time and has even on occasion pointed his own bird. The cold can be a little more brutal on the pointing dogs but as long as you are moving and have a vest on the viszla she is fine (the male viszlas I have hunted with don't seem to mind the cold as much, so who knows?), but when we stop for lunch or to take a break the viszla will get cold quick as where my lab will lay right down in the snow and take a nap. My father in law has actually taken my lab on some really cold trips in SD when he left his pointers behind. Either way all of the dogs are great, just some minor nuances between them. Oh, and my lab does shed like crazy, def more than the viszla.
  13. jakemcarroll

    rod for my wife

    I guess I should have thought about the title a little more, ha ha... Upnorth, I'd definitely interested to hear about the blank when you receive it. Thanks!
  14. jakemcarroll

    rod for my wife

    I plan to build my wife a new fishing rod for this upcoming summer. She only fishing with a spincast reel and she is in need of a two piece rod (we will take it camping and on trips, much easier to handle in two pieces). I'm looking for a recommendation on overall length, weight, action. I'm thinking 6' to 6'6" in a ML fast action. She mainly fishes panfish, by bobber, so being able to cast well is a must. She will occasionally run into the stray northern or bass as well. Thanks in advance for the advice!
  15. jakemcarroll


    I saw all of the rod tips at cabelas today also, my only concern was the the guide or two closest to the really would be pretty tiny, I suppose I could replace the one guide and then have the setup for relatively cheap. Has anyone done this?