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    Meet up at Camp Ripley, 2nd weekend?

    I'll be there at 6, it'll nice to meet you guy.
  2. Just wondering if and who would want to meet up to put some faces with names from FM. Like stated in a different thread, let's meet at the consession building at 6 p.m. Saturday. if interested, state on this thread. Looking forward to meeting some of you.

    camp ripley

    --A hunter over the weekend was lost, but then found. The Todd County Sheriff’s office said it received a report of a missing bow hunter in a Wildlife Management area along County road 16 in Turtle Creek Township Saturday night around 9. An immediate search was conducted by members of the Morrison County and Todd County Sheriff’s Offices, Randall Police and Browerville Fire Departments, and at about 10:30, 43-year old Keith Kotsmith of Oak Park, MN was found. Kotsmith said he had become disoriented after dark, and was unable to find his way back to the entrance. He was not injured. A special thanks was given to all who helped in the search. Copied from Falls radio's web site This may be the story that you heard.
  4. The deer have been very scarce for myself and my hunting partners. We hunt west of Randall in morrison county, intensive harvest area and early antlerless. So far I have had 2 days that I have seen deer on stand, out of about 12 days of hunting. There was 6 of us hunting during the early season and not a single deer was seen. It has been tough, I know they are around, but just haven't been seeing them.

    Awesome PIC (Graphic weak tummys beware)

    It looks authentic to me. The deer in the background also looks to be running, the flash "pattern" appears accurate, and the blood spray would indicate arterial spray or spray form the heart, which would be almost instantanous. Intresting photo!

    dnr deer management (or lack there of)

    I also hunt area 246 north of leader (public land) and in the area we hunted we deffinatly seen fewer deer last year. All of the party's around us said the same thing, figured it would go to lottery. Go back to last years regs and you will see it was a managed area (2 deer), I hope you only shot 2 deer. I think the intensive harvest is over kill and may actually bring harvest down in some cases. For example some people hold off on shooting does for later in the season, because they really have so many tags available they want to get thier buck first. In turn they educate the does before ever shooting one. I personally know several groups that do this. Plus if you look at the harvest numbers, the number of bucks killed to does killed is still very similar, even though we all know there are many more does than bucks. I don't think it works properly after the first year. IMO I think 246 has such a high hunter per square mile figure that depending on conditions during hunting the population can swing quickly. As dissapointed as I was this year to see it was lottery, I do believe the DNR does a great job of managing our deer herd for opportunity. Us as hunter's (sorry for the banket statment) do not do a very good job of managing ourselves to help the DNR achieve the goals set in place, myself included. Good luck to everyone this year.

    Deer Camp

    Thanks coach, I was doing fine until you had to go and put all those images in my mind. Now it will all start. It is still the greatest family gathering and time of year for me. Great post.

    rifle opener

    Will be hunting in the Leader area with our group of 8 and ton of other hunters.

    camp ripley

    I was thinking about everyone meeting up at the consession building at like 5:30 or 6 pm Saturday night. That way we aren't wandering looking for an individuals vehical, it gets to be a long line. Hope to meet a few of you out there the 2nd weekend.

    camp ripley

    I will be there for the second weekend. Any one interested in meeting up to put faces with names?

    Why no Love for Delmon Young?

    Jigger I agree with you that Young wis a decent outfielder. He does scare me though with the late breaks he gets. As far as Manny goes his fielding percentage looks good because he gives very little effort to get to alot of balls. It doesn't get scored an error if it drops in, even if it was a fly that could have been caught with a little effort.

    Serious Time Guys - No Crowing - No Jokes

    Prayers to you, your family, and escpecially your grand daughter. Hope to hear good news soon. FYI, My niece was also born with a heart defect that now at 6 yrs, has had three surgeries and a whole lot of uneasy moments. If your son or yourself would like to talk to a parent that has gone through a similar ordeal E-mail me at bmdezurik at clearwire dot com and I will give you my sisters contact info. She would be more than willing to help. God Bless

    Trail Cam Pics

    WOW, great deer and pics! So, do you need a new best friend?