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  1. Hi all. Been searching and cant seem to find a good explanation on a couple items. Planning to build an all aluminum skid house. Have design pretty well vetted minus the sheet joints for exterior walls and how folks are doing the one piece metal roofs (are these aluminum or galvanized?). For exterior vertical aluminum sheet joints, how are people sealing them? The joint will be on a vertical aluminum tube. For the one piece roof, i cant seem to find vendors for this. Is it off a roll? How is it applied? VHB on horizontals? Thanks!!
  2. So i have been working on connecting an older lowrance X25 to my trolling motor universal sonar and am now realizing its not worth the effort as I am running into cabling issues, and its really not that nice of a graph to begin with. So. I think I am going to upgrade. My current console graph is the stock 98 eagle superID. I am looking for suggestions as to where I should put the new finder. The boat will be used mostly for bass/pike, using the trolling motor 90%+ of the time. Should I put the graph go on the console with the ducer in the back or on the bow with the ducer in the troll
  3. Originally Posted By: Iambjm The lot next to mine is for sale. 6 acres and under $100,000 Send me an email with location/lake! [email protected]
  4. Originally Posted By: Iambjm By the way, so far our property taxes are $800 less than we were paying on our old house in Ramsey MN. Ahh yes, and you missed the current increase of around %20 in Ramsey. Mine jumped from $2000 to $2500 just this year. This is one reason I am looking for a lake lot. Yes, I realize they will go up with a lake lot, but at least then I could justify them.... I cant now.
  5. Originally Posted By: hoggs222I'd have to say guns or a fishing rod. Or beer. Or remote. Or beer. Not trying to start a debate, but guns? Really? What am I missing?
  6. Originally Posted By: fishorgolfSunsets. I am on the south east side of ML and the sunsets are unbelievable! I have so many great pictures I may do a calender some day. As for the fishing. The ability to lower the boat lift and be fishing in 5 min. then being able to pull in when I am done, clean the fish and have diner without driving home. And the people. Almost everyone who lives here could make allot more money working somewhere else but they choose to live here instead because this is were they want to be. If only I had a virtual job I would be on ML in a second. Do most people up
  7. Originally Posted By: sparcebagI cant think of any cons maybe all the summer people,fall thro spring no one around.I fish the lake I live on 95% of the time,I like the fact that if I get fed up with work around here Lawn,garden,repairs,hobbies,its a 30 yd. walk to a boat thats in the water ready to go,and instead of a porch the dock bench is better. How long have you lived there?
  8. Pros and Cons of living on a lake vs. not living on a lake? (Beyond purchase price and property taxes) I assume everyone on here likes to fish. Does fishing the lake you live on get old? Do you still pull the boat to other lakes to fish?
  9. Originally Posted By: CicadaIf you're a few feet above the floor, you should get a return signal. Since air is less dense than water, it won't be correct but it should show a reading. You might have to be pretty straight above the floor. You can also run your hand between the floor and the transducer and get a suspended reading. I'll give it a try!
  10. Do you think it might be able to pick up the bottom of a filled 5 gallon pail if i stuck it in there?
  11. I have a lowrance x25 and a minn kota AP 65 trolling motor with universal sonar. I am attempting to determine if the minn kota MKR-US-6 adapter cable will work with this depth finder (not on compatability chart). Is there a way to test this without having to take it to the lake?
  12. Ok, if I go and buy a cable to try, does anyone know of a way to check to see if it will work without having to take the boat to the lake? I assume if I stick the trolling motor in a 5 gallon pail of water it wont be deep enough to register. Any ideas?
  13. Originally Posted By: Deitz Dittrichyep-- like the above stated.. the rebate is coming to an end.. if you really like these reels, get em now.. They are a great reel, but will be hard to find very soon!!!!! take that how you want. They already are hard to find. I bought two curado 100s from one dealer, they are now out of 100s. I picked up the last citica 100 on the shelf (that I could see) from Thorne Brothers. Few and far between!
  14. Found this, quick search, but I cant post a link: Below is a general example of modulus ratings using G Loomis classes: GLX - 65 million modulus IMX - 55 million modulus GL3 - 47 million modulus (IM8) GL2 - 42 million modulus (IM7) IM6 - 38 million modulus Standard Graphite - 33 million modulus
  15. I aquired a Lowrance x25 that I would like to try and use with my universal sonar on my Minn Kota PD 65 AP/CP/US. I checked the capability chart on the minn kota HSOforum and they list the x24, x28, ....etc, but no x25. They then note that products not listed on their capability chart wont necessarily not work, they just havent been tested. So, anyone use a x25 with universal sonar on a minn kota trolling motor? THanks
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