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  1. walleye4

    Anyone out?

    Long time NO HEAR prov1900! I haven't been out since memorial day if you can believe that!! Been really busy this fall as we just bought our 1st home so I been working on it. Been getting some good reports of walleye starting to put the winter feedbag on and I hope to get in on it within a couple weeks. I wish our water temps would come down some as we are still in the mid 60's.
  2. walleye4

    Who's ready for open water?

    Cool, training your new bodyguard?
  3. walleye4

    Who's ready for open water?

    we been catching alot of eyes this past month. Getting ready for the 1st outing from the boat next weekend. KS is on FIRE!!!!!!!!
  4. walleye4

    Anyone out?

    Ice on this trip was about 3.5".
  5. walleye4

    Anyone out?

    Thin enough to make your butt pucker all day!!
  6. walleye4

    Anyone out?

    Been out a couple times and hammered the crappies in kansas once and went to a small kearney area lake monday. Only managed a few small crappie and gills with a few 10" crappie mixed in on monday. Ice was poor in kansas but was 6-7" on monday in kearney. Here is a pic of the big one from kansas last weekend.
  7. Well, the wife has been feeling a little better and that has allowed me to get out and catch a few lately. I need to get pics uploaded then I will post them. I was able to get on the ice one time about 3 weeks and caught some gills and crappies. The ice is all but gone or unsafe now around the Kearney area so I switched to open water. Walleye are on a FEEDING BINGE!!!!!!! Been 3 times so far and have caught alot of walleye and sauger with a few bonus fish in the mix also. I guided the Grand Prize winner of my wifes Cancer Fundraiser on Thanksgiving weekend. We only fished one day due to the HURRICANE that blew through on Saturday. We fished on Sunday and I put the winner on some nice fish. Walleye were pretty scarce as we only put 1 short in the boat but the stripers were on FIRE. We hit a couple of pretty big schools of stripers and put 15-20 6-15 pounders in the boat. I will post some pictures when I get around to uploading them.
  8. Not the greatest! Any little bit helps though so I am GRATEFUL. If it would have been me that come up with this idea, I sure would have done things different. I got some really good advice from a member here and I would have done something similar to what they did. A little late to try that as the drawing is in 2 weeks. We do have alot of pretty nice prizes and more that I am working on securing! Maybe things will turn around but only the "Good Lord" knows that! Thanks for your help though Shawn, it has been greatly appreciated. Greg
  9. With a little advice, I do have a paypal account but would prefer not to make it public. If anyone would like to purchase some tickets for the raffle, please PM me and I will give you my paypal address. I was going to open a new account but with the drawing only a few weeks away and the time it takes to get a new account verified, I opted not to open one. Should have done this sooner I guess! Thanks Archerysniper for the advice!
  10. Prize update: 1 Custom made crankbait with the winner choosing their own color pattern they want.
  11. New Prize added: 1-Day Guided Largemouth Bass Kayak Trip for 2 people on Swanson Reservoir in Nebraska. Kayaks and all gear provided. Trip can be booked between June and August 2012. Donated by kayakjac Guide Service.
  12. New prizes added are: Wal-mart Gift Card Cenex Gas Card Earrings Uppercase Living Gift Card Various Restaraunts Homemade Jewelry Set Candles There are still prize Donations in the works and I will update as I have them. Also, we are going to do the drawing on Oct, 30th instead of the 31st. I thought Halloween was on Sunday and since it is on Monday, I won't have time to get the drawing done. We are going to have the drawing LIVE on Facebook. If you bought tickets, send me a message and I can get you set on my friend list. We are going to video the drawing and then post them on Facebook as we draw. Thanks,
  13. walleye4

    R.I.P. Dad

    I am sorry for your loss fellow fisher friend! I know what you must be going through as I lost my father in 1990(2 weeks before my high school graduation). He was 58 and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss him. Time will heal but hold onto the memories cause they will last FOREVER! GOD BLESS!!!!!
  14. I would like to take this time to personnaly THANK Rick and Prov1900 for doing this for my Wife and I. Times have been really tough for the past 4-5 months and ANY help we get is GREATLY appreciated. God Bless and Thank You!!!!!!! Greg, Martha, Matt, Derek, Brooke, and Faith Carr
  15. Recieved another donation today. $100 worth of Pure Romance Products