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  1. All is well with me. Busy with work, getting ready to start fishing! This winter STUNK bad.
  2. Guys, my phone was destroyed and I lost ALL PHONE numbers for everyone. Please call me or text me your name and # ! Number is is 8452341128. Thank you, Steve
  3. Ray don't worry about the debt! We take our memories with us to the after life! The bills stay put! LOL My Cousin lives in Palmer Alaska and keeps inviting me up there to go fishing with him for Halibut and big Shrimp! I might take him up this year!
  4. Merry Christmas all! May God Bless you all on this wonderful day! Take a moment to thank all those that will be unable to be with their families this Holiday season. Tight Line's Max and Steve
  5. Cali, Tell Katie super star Max send kisses and was very please to meet her. He also said to tell her that the pool was the bomb!! thank you for a great time. Guy's it was GREAT to finally put a face to names and meet up with a few old friends. The only thing better than sharing ice together is sharing a cold beer or two! Jay, Your right, it was good to finally shake the hand of a guy that I've "known for years" and never met. Hopefully we can have a couple beers again and maybe share a bit of ice this year. The "Fair and lovely Ice maiden" truely missed the boat by not meeting you.
  6. Timmy, Happy belated Birthday Buddy. Sorry to have missed it. Glad you had a good time with the family. Steve
  7. Glad you all got into some fish!! Very nice! I on the other hand was on the working end of a Stump Grinder. Ground up the neighbor Sugar Maple stump. 11 foot across after we finished Then I went to Cindy's Moms house and got rid of a few that were in here yard as well. Figured might as well seeing I still had time on the machine. Today will be cruising on the Harley!! Steve
  8. Todd I will talk to the owners of the vacant lot just before you get to the park, we should be able to pull it off. As far as the park, I will ask and I will pay the guest fee's Steve
  9. There ya go....It will be worth it for sure. Make a point to fish the Rackquett (sp) river also. Gods country for sure up there. Steve
  10. Todd, After the 15th I might sneak up there and do some fishing also. Might have room in the boat for a few people. I'll give you a call. Steve PS..... The Sonar/GPS is still in the truck I'll lock it in the camper after the next trip up. Also if you want to use my boat and camp site as a launch off that week let me know. I will bring up the key's on my way to Michigan....along with the gps...LOL
  11. I'm smashed busy until after the 15th of june, after that lets see if we can organize a guys night out for fishing and beer at the camper. I have room for 3 comfortably and not sharing the same furnature and 1or2 on the floor. Just a thought, Steve
  12. I will second that. Went last year with Cindy and the kids and was pleasantly surprise that I had a good time. I'd actually like to go there again just to see the stuff you miss by looking at other things. Pack the family and go!!!
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