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  1. jaydog


    i hav bunch have handles for ice rods i need rods can anybody help with that or have any info were i could get some rods
  2. jaydog

    Flasher poll

    ice 45 used to have fl 18 love the 45
  3. i hav been waiting for tuesday to come for 3 weeks i am ready for some tasty little breasts
  4. jaydog

    North American Hunting Club

    they reel u in with all the free stuff just for been member then they tell how good it is to be life member and thats its free when its not then they start sending u books the worst part is most of the free stuff is china $hit!!!!!!
  5. jaydog

    affordable semiauto shotguns

    i like my sx2 light it is a clean used got it for $ 599 the stoeger is benelli action just cheaper on another parts i could have bought a used benelli for the same price i just didnt like the feel of the gun
  6. i had problem with mossbreg kinda samiler i took it apart and had to file down the shell ejecter slide for some reason it was going in front of the next shell i was tring to inject so when i filed the slide it made it like new again ps trade the p.o.s on new super x2 light and love it
  7. jaydog

    Suggestions for all around rifle

    300 win mag better elk gun then 7mm but not much fun target shooting but have seen more 30. cal groups under 1 inch then most big rifles plus the 7mm seems to not hit the numbers the reload books tell it should be getting u can get bullets all the away up to 220 grn i have a 300 short mag in browning A bolt 2 years ago it drop 600 lbs elk at 250-300 yrds like nothing
  8. jaydog

    Who reloads?

    reloading is not cheaper to start but after 5-10 years it starts to pay its self off its more of a hobby and hobbies are not cheap but fun . if u buy 100rds of shells, bullets, primers,and powder u don't save money but u can reuse shells 5 times and if get reloading equiment then tell everyone u know to save shells u can get alot of shells and that will save some money
  9. jaydog

    Timber wolf lottery permits?

    for the price u can do your self cheaper we did 3 years go the equipment pays for it self the frist year ps recipe comes from foley locker and its great
  10. jaydog

    .300 Winchest Mag. grouping

    what bullets are u using i have browning A-bolt 300 wsm i can get all three bullet holes to touch about 1" to 3/4" group at 100 yds using 180 sst hornady 66.5 grn imr 4350 cci large mag rifle primers ps drop elk in tracks with one shot last year
  11. Quote: Looks like another option, have you tried it the other way where you stand on the wings close to the body/breast and pull the legs? That works good to, and most of the time I can get all the organs and everything at once. Just another option, but I will have to try this one as well. this is the best and fastiest if done right also works on pheasant if done right u won't have to mess with guts easier to cut the breast out too
  12. jaydog

    .22 shells for a 10/22

    i had a 10-22 target the most expensive shells i found work the best traded it off on new 17 cal. way more accurate lot more expensive to shoot way more fun and shoot a lot farther ps try federal gold medal or cci velocitor
  13. jaydog

    Grouse Gun

    beretta onyx 686 20 ga over under light weight gun very little recoil quick to pull up and get on traget like it alot!!!! under 1000$
  14. the tourment is not going to happen
  15. yes seen one and my grandma caught one there is eelpout too.