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  1. ice-man/vexilar-king

    New Crank bait rod?

    I haven't decided yet. I am leaning towards a Ducket cranking rod and o=a Revo Winch. I have a couple Shimano rods but seldom use them. I often reach for the Croixs & the Loomis. I am interested in the Powell rods after reading on here. i saw TW had some on sale but they were Purleish, and i don't think I can pull that off.
  2. ice-man/vexilar-king

    Abu Garcia rods and reels?

    I am a Fan of the Revo's. I have owned the STX SX and Premier. I got rid of the Premier because it was so light it didn't the same feel as the others. personal preference is all. i want one of the new Winch for a crank bait reel, but its $200.00. Wish i got your discount
  3. ice-man/vexilar-king

    New Crank bait rod?

    Dobyns, Duckett, G. Loomis, Powell , St. Croix, Quantum……..ect! What’s the best?
  4. ice-man/vexilar-king

    New Crank bait rod?

    I’m in the market for a new rod for casting deep crank baits. Mainly Largies, but might tackle Brownies once in a while. I’m not after money saving advice but more of what will work best and why (length action ect). Please go into detail reel and line choice if you feel you have the right set up nailed down. I’ve only been doing this for one season and have been throwing a 6XD and a DT 16 the most. I will more than likely be trying a few of the new deeper models after I-cast has highlighted a few.
  5. ice-man/vexilar-king

    Looking for handheld GPS for Ice and open water....any suggestions

    Garmin Dakota 20 thegpsstore had them for $199 on sale cheepest Ive found Best all around for fishing/hunting. waterproof and chip capable
  6. ice-man/vexilar-king

    Looking for handheld GPS for Ice and open water....any suggestions

    Quote:LM chip for $50 Where was that at? I want one
  7. ice-man/vexilar-king

    Ice Anchors

    Check out the strikemaster ones. Clips install on your shack then just drill an extra hole and it folds out and locks in.. works awesome.
  8. ice-man/vexilar-king

    Bass Tourney?

    whats the details on the german jeff one?
  9. ice-man/vexilar-king

    Bass Tourney?

    Any Bass Tourneys in the Mankato area this weekend? If so what are the times and entry fees, and number of Bass you can weigh in?
  10. ice-man/vexilar-king

    Mankato area Thursday Nighters Bass

    Thanks who puts this one on? and isnt there two or three clubs that over lap the Waterville area? There has to be more.
  11. ice-man/vexilar-king

    25th Annual FoxMasters

    Thanks to all that helped put this on!! had a blast again this year. Cats seem a ton harder to catch than a perch but i'm sure there's a reason why there worth the same amount of points. Also most Bass tourneys have a 12" mn and on this one its 14". Most people release them, any reason for that? Again very well ran... great job
  12. Any one lake jump ins going on around the area that dont cost a $100 to get in? How about the couples stuff that I fished 12 years ago?
  13. Anyone have info on these so i dont have to look thru old posts. Dates, Times, Cost,rules, and who puts them on?
  14. ice-man/vexilar-king

    Swimbait Hooks?

    Lake Fork #1, Eagleclaw, Northland. #1, #2 Avail in Mankato
  15. ice-man/vexilar-king

    Gander Mountain's Plastics

    I would ad sent!