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  1. erickol

    Ice Reels

    I dug out some fly reels end of last season, one made it on before ice out and worked great, no line twist. I have a couple of smaller flyreels that are going to be recruited for ice this season. I have a Lamson lp1 that even has a decent drag, perfect pannie reel
  2. erickol

    Fall Carp

    Hey stillwater Aaron, (time to ice fish....so I'm back here) carp love crayfish. smaller is better. if you are tying flys for them, tie them with one pincher instead of two. a great trigger, weak prey (another nice thing about most crayfish patterns is that they ride hook point up, a huge bonus). they are very active this time of year, and you can still get them on the fly this time of year. for sure check your streams, as things get icy though, they will hole up in the deepest holes on they way to the lakes.
  3. erickol

    Carp Question.

    I have caught three mirrors in my life. Two of them I caught on the fly in small streams. At both of these locations I saw one other mirror! (the third was bait caught in the Mississippi). I gotta believe that as the mutation shows up in a tight population of fish, and is successfully passed on, the chances of it being more common in that population would result??? the mirror mutation is so awesome. so many possibilities.
  4. erickol

    What a Great day/Pics

    I can imagine that shore line with the rushes at first ice. nice pics
  5. erickol

    Not What I Expected

    That whitefish is a good score. I caught my first earlier this winter and smoked it. fantastic. Whitefish has been an important commercial fish for MN, funny enough so is the carp. BTW, the lake whitefish is a relative of the trout
  6. erickol

    what is a DEADSTICK in ice fishing?

    there is a blue pill that'll fix that
  7. erickol

    Not What I Expected

    Dude, nice catch.
  8. erickol

    minnow heads

    I have taken a scoop of fatheads, cut all the heads off and salted them. I set the heads out on news paper to mostly dry (overnight), then salted them. I keep 'em in a bait puck. even if you just pinch the heads off you dead ones and salt them, it's nice to have some on hand. if you keep them in salt over time they get too dry and brittle.
  9. Gator bait, I fished out of Dykesville yesterday. First time fishing the big lake for whitefish. had a ball, even though the bite was slow. I am eagerly looking forward to my next trip out there. We set up and fished 11-16 f.o.w., and some fish were had at each depth. This was only my second time specifically fishing for whitefish. what strikes you as a standard set up for whitefish angling? what sorts of contours/structure are people looking for when they target whitefish? Eric
  10. erickol

    Snap swivels

    on some of my spoons like Halis and forage minnows, I'll take a small swivel (not snap swivel), affix a small split ring on it and then the split ring to the lure eye. if you use the smallest you can find they really do not change the profile of the spoon much, even the smaller ones. Works great.
  11. 45$ per hole, is what I heard tonight. Sounds like a decent amount of prize money up though.
  12. erickol

    Fish ID: Bowfin?

    central mudminnow
  13. erickol

    buck shot spoon

    I love buckshot spoons, and realized (accidentally) that it has been my most used lure this season so far, in sizes up to 3/4oz. even when I am using small jigs and plastic, I still pound the bottom with a buckshot to bring fish in if I am not marking anything. I usually have a minnow head on
  14. erickol

    An Empty, An Eater & A Mounter

    right on man,
  15. erickol

    Longest perch?

    Wow, I think some drool got on my keyboard. I caught some perch tonight in the 2" class. Hard to imagine they are even the same species.