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  1. chuckwagon

    Late Night Bite

    I've been fishing tonka lately with a very slow night bite. Anyone else on tonka having this issue? Not sure what is typical though
  2. chuckwagon

    Locating crappies

    I drilled structure for about 4 hours today and only came up with perch and gills. Going to keep on tomorrow. I know a hundred spots to go and sit with the crowd but I am really trying find my own spot where I'm alone
  3. chuckwagon

    Locating crappies

    haha yeah .... technology can sometimes easily consume the brain and take away from just getting out there and enjoying just that. i got yesterday and searched 4 separate structures i was interested in but could not find suspended fish. the crappies were all hugging bottom. and were all very small. ill be back at it later today and tomorrow. we shall see what i can come up with thank you guys for all the helpful tips i appreciate them greatly!
  4. chuckwagon

    Locating crappies

    When saying fishing weeds. Are you fishing over the tops of them or a weed line. How deep are the weeds at right now?
  5. chuckwagon

    Locating crappies

    Will crappies suspend over deep basins that are very gradual steps in structure around them or should I find really quick breaks around a hole? Also I see small 20 foot holes surrounded by 5 or less feet of water close to shore. Can these areas hold fish or will be out towards the deep? Haha rambling ... I am going to put some really good time into pounding out holes and locating this weekend and don't want to waste half a day looking in dumb areas. Thanks for any help or input.
  6. chuckwagon

    How is the midwinter bite shaping up?

    Cool thanks. Am I right in saying that in between the two pivot points is wear the gills will be picking large and bugs out of the mud ?
  7. chuckwagon

    How is the midwinter bite shaping up?

    Hey Jim. What do you mean by a pivot point? I think I know what you mean ...
  8. chuckwagon

    Searching out Walleyes

    With this cold do you think they have mostly moved into mid lake bumps and deep structure now?
  9. chuckwagon

    What's working now-Post what's working for you.

    When will crappies tend to move into the deep bowls and basins?
  10. chuckwagon

    What's working now-Post what's working for you.

    What would a summering area be?
  11. This house was stolen last night off of tonka. This is not mine but a friend of a friend. Thought I would get it out there and see if we can help him out.
  12. chuckwagon

    computer fan?

    Where is a good place to get these fans?
  13. chuckwagon

    Fire bright plug!

    I put 2 of the 39" models in my clam yukon. I put them on switches as well for ease of use while fishing finiky biters. 1 string would be plenty for this size house!
  14. chuckwagon

    Fire bright plug!

    Thanks again. There are awesome. Now go sneak a nap!
  15. chuckwagon

    Here kitty kitty!!!

    Hey Dtro. What's a good thread or forum for a new B river ice fishing plan?