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  1. Loos15

    clam tube light?

    I got one as well, and it's my main fishing light. It puts out pretty good; lights up my eskimo 3. Only problem I have is the charger unit came out of the tube and the wires broke. A friend connected the battery wires to the clamps. I just clamp it on 12v now.
  2. Loos15

    arctic armor sizing help

    Hiya folks, its nice to see so many people on the Ice forum during open water! Anyways, I'm shopping for an AA jacket. I'm 5'5" 190ish, 43 chest. I saw the sizing chart but still don't quite know. I'm also not sure where I can test fit around my area...since it's summer. Anyways, wondering if i should get the small or med? thanks
  3. Loos15

    open water VS hard water

    I've found i'm far better at ice fishing than open water.
  4. Loos15

    New hand auger

    As of right now...my Lazer hand cuts faster than my Lzer xl3000
  5. Loos15

    Strike - Lite is AWESOME!!

    Quote:Sounds like you need a new blade on that Jiffy!Have had my Strike-Lite for 3 weeks. Drilled around 75 holes. So far it is excellent in EVERY way. Mine's a strikemaster with new blades. O well, took it in to drock today and hope they can fix it. Wish i sold the item i traded the auger for and fill in the extra. Saw a strikelite on Tonka yesterday and man that thing is sweet. I saw it...i didn't hear it
  6. Loos15

    Strike - Lite is AWESOME!!

    Grats Chode . Wish my auger was working >_< 3hp engine and takes 5 mins to cut through 18" of ice. My hand auger drills faster. Noobi Question, do you have to use engine oil with the strike-lite?
  7. Loos15

    LX5 Battery?

    should be a 7 amp bat if it's stock. Gander had some 9amps for 25$ and 8amps for 20. Just get one of those and your stock, you should be good for the weekend
  8. Loos15

    Icegator review

    after dealing with my auger the last 3 times....i wish i would've just saved the money and got the icegator. I saw one with a nils blade in action, and i'm thoroughly impressed. No gumming up the carbs, no dying in the middle of drilling, no fumes, no trying to figure out what oilmix to use, no seafoam, no stabilizer, and no worry about starting it up next year.
  9. Loos15

    Jig boxes

    I like the rose creeks a lot. They are pricy but their design is superb. I got a second one for my spoons...but don't work as well for the big trebles.
  10. Loos15

    Why do I need Zoom?

    That's exactly what happen to me on the ice today. Couldn't feel the bite, and the meat-stick couldn't pick up the bite at all(nothing wrong with it, just very very tender bites). I figured every time my jig turned red on zoom, I would test the bite, and sure enough they were there, and that's how I iced a lot of my fish today. Zoom is good, Adjustable zoom is better, adjustable zoom with 3/4 separation, well it made my day Although I wonder if a good spring bobber rod would've solved that dilemma.
  11. Loos15

    cant let it go (fl 8se)

    I'm one of those people who once gets something...don't like to replace it if it's in good working order. That said, i started at the top with my LX-5
  12. Loos15

    St.Croix Legend Rods vs. Premire

    I've been wanting one all year. From what i've read, one of the best panfish rods out there. Go get the Legend!
  13. Loos15

    Some what of a scary moment

    Im my humble opinion...if you can hand drill ice on the lake, and it doesn't take too much work...it's too thin for trucks.
  14. Loos15

    fish houses

    you know it as a beast when you can hole hop in the house.
  15. Loos15

    Transducer frozen solid in my Marcum LX5

    ewwwwww. I guess you do what you have to do. The case washes very nicely....