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  1. http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/birds/ruffedgrouse.html Check out the link. It's to the MN DNR webpage. The summary on breeding is below. Reproduction The peak of the mating season is late April. Nests are placed on the ground, usually in dense forest in a depression next to a tree trunk or stump. Hens lay about 10 to 14 eggs that hatch in 23 days. The male grouse has no parenting role. The chicks stay with the hen until late September and are fully grown in 16 weeks.
  2. Last weekend four of hunted for a few days. Me and my buddy got one hunt in Thursday night, and two Friday morning. My neighbors came up Friday afternoon. The four of us then hunted Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday morning. We shot 29 birds. WE got 23 WC and 6 grouse. I hit another grouse that dropped a leg but we couldn't find it. We were north of Mora.
  3. tybo

    MN Pheasant Summit?

    So all of us that primarily hunt grouse and WC should lose land because you don't think they are enough pheasants. No thanks.
  4. tybo


    Super excited. Leaving tomorrow afternoon to set up our camper and celebrate my buddies birthday. A little scouting and running dogs on Friday. I have a 5 month old setter pup that will be going. She is holding point pretty well. Not totally reliable but getting there. I'll try to keep her on WC for the first few hunts and see how she does. Can't shoot WC until the 20th so they get a free pass this weekend.
  5. tybo

    Grouse sightings

    I was out on Saturday in Aitkin County looking for WC to band. I moved a handful of woodcock. I didn't find any WC nests or chicks. However, I did move a few grouse and heard many drumming in the few hours I was out. I didn't really cover a lot of ground so i was pretty happy what I saw/heard in the few hours i had.
  6. tybo

    Grouse anyone

    Most of the tax forfeited land is legal to hunt. I bought a chip for my GPS that shows the tax forfeited land. I do most of my hunting on tax forfeited land. It should be listed in a plat book but it needs to be current as some land is added and some sold over time. Some counties have the information online but i have never looked to access the information that way since I have the chip for my GPS.
  7. tybo

    Grouse anyone

    The woods are open to all hunting not just for deer hunters. Respect is a two way street. If anyone has a problem with it your problem should be with the state that allows it and not the hunter that chooses to do what is legal. The archery deer season is just as long as the small game season so while the rifle season may be only a few weeks/weekends deer hunting isn't limited to just those weeks. That being said I won't be in the grouse woods because I don't trust all deer hunters and it only takes one to do something bad. I used to deer hunt but prefer hunting birds with my dogs over hunting deer now. That's fine, its my choice but I don't trust some deer hunters. How many even know they can't legally shoot a dog even if it's running deer during the season? Probably not many because that would require reading the regs. I hear lots of people say they'd shoot one if they saw it. That doesn't sound very respectful if you ask me. I think most hunters are fine but as I stated it only takes one to do something bad and I love my dogs too much to expose them to that. I either stay out of the wood or hunt pheasants in areas where I feel my dogs and I are safe.
  8. I will chase rudies since I won't go in the grouse woods. Also, I hit a deer with my truck and got the meat so I don't need to chase the woods rats.
  9. tybo

    Grouse anyone

    Hunted Fri evening, Saturday and Sunday morning. My hunting buddy got a short hunt in Fri night other wise we hunted together all but 3-4 hours Saturday and two Sunday. We split up most of the time but did hunt together a little Saturday. We brought home 7 WC and 3 Grouse. We hunted for around 3 hours in the rain Sat morning and 2 hours in light to moderate to heavy snow Sunday morning. We figured we moved around 50 gr and 40 WC. Missed a few birds but we are still seeing good numbers and could be doing better if they'd let us get a little closer before they flush. An area that provided good WC 12-15 er hour yielded only one on Sunday. I'm not sure if they are migrating but they got out that area over night.
  10. tybo

    Grouse anyone

    Good luck this weekend. It's the best time of year to be a grouse hunter. Cool temps, hard frosts should kill the ticks, the canopy has opened up. I live for this time of year.
  11. tybo

    Grouse anyone

    Awesome. Great for all involved, Dad, boy and dog.
  12. tybo

    Grouse anyone

    Hunted in that crappy weather yesterday. Hunted for about 4 hours and was drenched for 3.5 of them. I managed to move 12 or grouse and probably 15 WC. I had multiple WC points and multiple misses. I should have had my limit on WC. My younger setter handled a nice ruffie like a pro,. I held uop my end of the deal so I came home with 1 Grouse and 1 WC. Not the greatest day but I'll take it considering the conditions.I did take a change of clothes so I was dry for the ride home.
  13. tybo

    Grouse anyone

    My hunting partner and I flushed around 20 wc this weekend and probably close to 40 grouse. it's hard to day how many grouse exactly because we flushed some broods and couldn't see the birds on the majority of the flushes we got so we were guessing a bit. We missed a few but brought home only 2 grouse and 3 wc. We just couldn't see the birds.
  14. tybo


    I didn't draw. A few us applied as a group. Hopefully next year. Good luck Matt!
  15. tybo

    Grouse anyone

    I had 4 grouse points and 5 wc points Saturday morning with my 2 setters. I moved a few broods and estimated 10-12 grouse plus the 5 wc. My hunting partner and his wife only moved two birds in a different area. I missed one and bagged 1 over those 4 points. This was in just over two hours so I was pretty happy. On two of the grouse points I couldn't see the flushed birds due to the thick cover. On Sunday we moved a brood of birds but my partner and his wife missed a few times and I never fired a shot. We moved around 6 birds Sunday and saw a few broods of 5-6 birds along the side of the road.