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  1. bought the gun anyways and love it decided to just buy a 870 with rifled barrel when I need it
  2. can I get a riffled slug barrel for this gun
  3. blarkey

    95 polaris 440 sks

    is it possible to put a m10 suspention in this sled and how much work is it to convert it
  4. blarkey


    i bought a 1995 indy 440 sks and the rear suspension is sags down and theres not alot of travel. is it the rear shock or the springs took the shock out and was woundering if its suposed to loaded or just resistance
  5. blarkey


    Our black lab has fleas. She is a house dog ,tried flea bath and front line and can't get rid of them. We bought a flea fogger but it says you have to air the house out for two hours and its -1 outside. HELP!!!!
  6. blarkey

    Mn Wolf

    thats better! also sarcasm LOL
  7. blarkey

    Mn Wolf

    I didn't think this topic would be this tame!
  8. blarkey

    home water filter

    the smell isn't that bad it just has alittle ordor now and then i think bleaching the well will probly work
  9. blarkey

    home water filter

    seems to be in the cold water, not all that sure on how to bleach the well sounds easy
  10. blarkey

    home water filter

    are the bigger canaster filteres at menards or fleet farm any good for taking iron and smell from well water?
  11. blarkey

    Trimming oaks

    thats kind of what I was thinking but needed somone else to say it thanks.
  12. blarkey

    Trimming oaks

    Is there any time besides winter that it's ok to trim your oaks
  13. blarkey

    Rum in Andover

    Is there any Muskies in the rum down by Andover I thought in comes out of Mille lac some might migrate this far
  14. blarkey

    Lake Vermilion

    +1 on life of riley be there twice quiet, and great service
  15. as far as getting hung up never had it happen it go's through or over anything