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    Thank you very much
  2. Just drove past my field for this wknd and it full of geese for once in my lifetime but its a rather small feild and the geese are close to the road so would it work to set up in the middle? would they land where I'm set up or will they stay where they were today?
  3. french_lake_kid

    New old Decoys

    Ya hunting over hens or the old unpainted ones might be best believe it or not for this first couple weeks but they look good, may be shiny from the camera flash 2...
  4. french_lake_kid

    Mixing Decoys

    Now, mallys and geese. In say a month Ill be running all mag GHG doz. Mallys,6 Cans,6 Redheads,6 Goldies,6 Buffies, and 2doz. standard Bills
  5. Glad you said that I 4got bout molting!!!!
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  7. french_lake_kid


    Sorry if this is a dumb ? but what is a troll? and yes Quackaddict is right, I rarely have birds in the fields I hunt but just put your time in scouting and hope your in their path to their intended field and you just may get lucky
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    LMAO welcome
  9. french_lake_kid

    Biggest Bass of the year thus far

    Nate why dint you bring her on tonka that one sat????Leave me at home next time wow
  10. french_lake_kid

    2009 Waterfowl Photos

    Those are amazazazazing!!!!
  11. Divers already??!!!!!!!! Lucky! good luck all
  12. french_lake_kid

    2009 Waterfowl Photos

    How does the blood rinse off of the front window? nice skirt and pics too btw, gota do what works 4 you
  13. 23lbs. on Francis!!!!!!!!
  14. All my fullboys have bags, all floaters cept the geese are in Drake "stand-up" bags