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  1. Shamu

    Channel Catfish Photo Gallery

    Trying to see if I can post this pic.
  2. Shamu

    2009 King of the Cats Contest

    sorry I was sleeping. Sign me up.
  3. Shamu

    I think it's going to be a good year

    congrads. Hope to get out there with you. Nice Boat.
  4. Thanks for the Honorable Mention. Great job on putting this together dtro. Great job by all.
  5. Darren do you have me down for Thursday also. If not I am on for Thursday.
  6. Put me down for Sat. and I have to think about the second night.
  7. Shamu

    Flats Flats Flats (several pics)

    That looks like you guys had an awesome night out fishing. Great job and great pics.
  8. Shamu

    Ugliest Cat in the MN river

    That is uuuggglllyyy. But still a great fish. Good Job. Great Pics.
  9. Shamu

    Mr August and another big Flathead

    Great video and fish. Good job guys.
  10. Shamu

    Sully gets new PB 7/3/08

    nice fish there Sully. Nice tee shorts also. That is a huge fish.
  11. That is a great story and fish. Congrats John
  12. Shamu

    HSO 2008 King of the Cats Contest

    Thanks that Brian. That is why you were there. Thanks again there for the assist.
  13. Shamu

    UPGRADE and new PB

    Great fish there Tom. Good job on the PB.
  14. Shamu

    Moore's Contest This Weekend

    Your Welcome catnipmn. That was a good time. I think that we boated the most fish though.
  15. Shamu

    Cat Tip of the Day: Cut Bait Tutorial

    One of the best reports I have ever seen. Were is a good spot to catch these there giant suckers. Thanks so much Shamu