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  1. Don, That very well could be the case, as I didn't get a chance to fish Yellow Lake last year for the first time in 20 years. I guess I just didn't catch that last year if it was the case. A friend of mine that lives on the lake has had good luck on HUGE Crappies this year, not much for numbers, but he sends me pics daily of some big ones. He hasn't kept any this year cuz he can't find the keeper size yet, meaning 11" or smaller.
  2. Was looking in the WI regs and I don't see any special Walleye regs for Yellow Lake this year, is that the case? So the Walleye limit will be back to 3 this year? Not sure 3 keeper quality fish will be that easy to catch, but at least you can keep them if you do catch them. Looking forward to being in the boat again, chasing Walleye.
  3. Well, I got out in between the showers and did a fair share of fishing. I will say the morning bite for Walleye was definitely the best, although I didn't get out for a sundown fish at all. I found an inside turn on the wind blown side of the lake, in 12'-14' of water, the Walleye were stacked in that spot. The only way we could get them to bite though was with a moving bait, so we used the trolling motor to pass back and forth through the spot. It was a tough bite but managed a few. Throwing the big feathered lures didn't bring up any Musky, but saw some huge marks on the fish finder that had to be big Musky or Pike. Hit a smaller lake just for run in the evenings, and the fish were biting all over the place, Northerns, Bass, Crappie, Sunfish, Perch, caught them all. All in all, had a good weekend fishing in Burnett Co.
  4. No friendly reports before the big weekend? At least it looks like a fishable couple of days, cloudy but not rainy. Best of luck to everyone, stay safe.
  5. Any recent reports on Yellow from this week? I will be up there for the long holiday weekend trying my best to coax a few bites. Figure on starting out trolling around to see if I can find where they are hiding. If that doesn't work, probably do some jig and minnow or snell and crawler and still stay somewhat mobile. Then grab a beverage and bobber up in the usual haunts. I didn't realize it was Muskie opener this weekend, maybe I will throw some big feathery hooks around too, just for the fun of it. Just wondering of anyone has been out and having any luck for Walleye lately. I know Crappies were doing good, but my guess is that bite has slowed lately. Any reports would be awesome!!
  6. I am headed up for the holiday weekend, but likely won't get out on Yellow for any fishing. Need to replace the water pump on the fishing boat,and also need to get the wifes ski boat and lift out and in the lake. With kids sports and all the other honey-do list projects, dad's fun time is cut pretty short.
  7. Hey DonBo, I will be on Yellow this Friday, to bad it will be post cold-front. I have fished Yellow 1-2 times a year for that past 5-6 years, and never really got a handle on the lake. Have had good days and bad. Looks like Lindy rigging just off the break is still working, would that be the tactic to start? Also, how is the mid day bite usually? With my kids I won't get an early start, and likely won't be able to stay until dusk, unfortunately. Any particular location to find the Gills during the mid day? Or just hit the weed edges with worms and bobbers? Thanks for any pointers, need to try and keep the kids interested so I can stay on the water as long as possible.
  8. Hey Guys, I read this forum quite a bit, but rarely post. I am a weekend warrior fisherman on Yellow Lake, my inlaws have a cabin by the 10th hole and another one in Siren on Crooked Lake. I try to get out on Yellow as much as possible during the year with my son, but we primarily fish for Walleye. If you don't mind sharing information, where are you guys targeting the Perch, Sunfish and Bass? We have picked up some nice Perch occasionally when fishing Walleye, and in the winter over by Jeffers landing on the hard water, but I have never targeted them in the summer. And I did not know there were big sunfish like that in the lake. We usually fish Sunfish in Crooked Lake off the dock and catch a mess there whenever we want, but on slow days I wouldn't mind finding them on Yellow. Thanks, Todd
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