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  1. hoggsback

    Land LLC

    Its a family cabin/hunting land. I heard it makes things easier down the road to pass the cabin/land on to my kids if its in an LLC.
  2. hoggsback

    Land LLC

    Anyone have an LLC setup for hunting land? I'm looking for an example of the operating agreement and any other paperwork. My email is bacon13 at gmail dot com.
  3. hoggsback

    wheelhouse- wiring furnace

    I'm moving my furnace to the rear of my house. It is a PITA to run wires in ceiling. Would there be any issues with tapping into the power from a 12v ceiling light fixture over to the furnace? I'm concerned since the furnace draws more then the light does. I'm using 14 gauge wire which is what the furnace came with.
  4. hoggsback

    Old electric auger conversion help?

    I connected it to the battery and nothing. I can't find any info on this auger online so I don't know specifics about the motor. The wire is heavy, similar to jumper cables for a car. I guess I'll keep using my truck or deep cycle battery. I'll shoot you a PM fishwater for more on your idea.
  5. I have an old Strikemaster Electra auger that I run off my truck battery when using. I am looking at making it into more like the current electric augers with a small battery attached to the handle. I have a 12v flasher style battery that's 7.5ah. I see the strikemaster replacement battery is 9ah. Other then this difference, is there any reason I couldn't run this auger off a small flasher battery?
  6. hoggsback

    wheelhouse leds

    Still waiting for the Hong Kong express to deliver. Will let you know when they come and I try them. Thanks for the update hcs.
  7. hoggsback

    wheelhouse leds

    I just bought these so we'll see how they work. Only $2.30 each from overseas. They have 68 leds.
  8. hoggsback

    wheelhouse leds

    Thanks guys. Since the info out there is hard for me anyway to decode, I posted the question here. I hoped to find someone who had replaced their bulbs and found the light output good and could share the info. HCS and Fishwater- I will look at both of your suggestions, thanks. I also look forward to seeing what HCS says about his bulbs when he get to try them. Hope you will share your opinion here!
  9. hoggsback

    Computer fan install pics???

  10. hoggsback

    wheelhouse leds

    Lusid- I guess my main goal is both. I will for sure save electric but I don't want to get less light. I should be able to find an 1156 bulb in LED that is as bright as incandescent but uses less power. I've searched all those sites and even bought some last year. There are 1000's of bulbs but I don't know which ones are equal in light output to my old bulbs. The ones I bought off eb were terrible and were no way close to the original light output.
  11. hoggsback

    wheelhouse leds

    I just can't seem to find the answer anywhere online. I have a standard incandescent RV style light with 2 1156 bulbs each. I want to replace them with LED bulbs. There are so many styles out there and I don't know what LED will give me the same or more light. Can someone who has an RV style ceiling light running 1156 bulbs tell me what style LED they replaced that gave them equal or brighter light?
  12. hoggsback

    Wheel House license and name

    I got two tickets last season on Tonka from a CO while I was not in the house. I bought the shelter license and kept it inside the house. I don't know where the CO put the tickets he issued, but I never got them. I didn't even know about them until I got a late payment notice from the court. I paid the ticket as I didn't have time to see a hearing officer who I'm sure would've done something when I showed him I had the shelter license. I then got another late notice and called the court to tell them I already paid it. I then found out there was another ticket out there for a week later. I don't know how I am going to put my license on this year, but I did have my DNR # on the outside next to the door.
  13. hoggsback

    DIY slush bucket

    Thought I would share my cheap diy slush bucket. It works great and you only need a plastic tote and a 5 gallon bucket. Cut the bucket about in half. Cut a hole in bottom of tote same diameter of bucket. Place bucket into tote hole. The lower lip of the bucket stops it from falling through the tote.
  14. hoggsback

    Computer fan install pics???

    Looking for pics of your computer fan installation/mounting in a wheelhouse.
  15. hoggsback

    Suburban furnace in wheelhouse

    I put a bathroom in the front V and that is where my furnace is mounted and exhaust exits the wall. It's too late in season to rip out furnace and move it, I plan to do that in the summer. I need to duct my heat through the wall I put up in the front. Thanks for the info, I will put a piece of tin where the grill was. Then I will install a 4" collar and duct to the wall.