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  1. Well, I myself have gathered alot of information on these forums. I hate to see the big social media hypec and I've teased my wife for too many years to get on facebook now. I'll keep checking in hoping for the big comeback. It's nice to see the giants getting pulled in, however it isn't by me which is getting a little frustrating, but that's fishing. The river was in the low 70s on Thurs, and guessing it to be closer to 80 by today if not tomorrow. Hard to sit on the river in this heat, but i've never caught one from the couch. Good Luck.
  2. Nice to see a few comments at least. It's not dead, but we need more useful info, not the bashing of the previous post. Anyway, the cats are finally starting to bite. Not fast, or steady, but it can be done. Good luck to all
  3. Good to hear from the OG catman. I was a little concerned something had happened. I've always enjoyed reading the posts, and the detail that you put into them. Thanks for the reply, and good luck with the season. Fished three days the past week, which have been less than great. Water temps now back to the upper 50s, and the optimism grows everyday. Caught a few channels, one flathead (under 20lbs), and a six pound walleye on cut bait. That was the first cutbait walleye i've caught. Big plan is to fish late the next few nights with the temps predicted to stay in the upper 50s for the lows. It will happen soon. See you all on the river. (jk as i've only seen one boat this year).
  4. Where did you get your lights aanderud? I've found some 7" HID's online, but they"re 450 each. I could hit alot of logs for 1K. Anyone know where to find reasonable HID lights, or what are you guys using?
  5. Been noticing the lack of posts, and or new topics. Nothing!! No king of the cats this year? Dtro where did you go? I must have missed something. Well anyways, the water got above 60 on Sunday which has taken me to the river earlier than ever this year. Of course there isn't much water to warm. Projects around the house will have to wait til the heat of summer now. Fished a few hours during the midafternoon with some cut sucker, but no takers. Smaller fish (i assume) would constantly tug at the bait, but nothing with enough ambition to peel out the clicker. Anyone having any luck yet. The forecast looks as though the water will cool some this week, but i'm wide open fishing now. Good luck to all,
  6. well, there are jet tunnels and prop tunnels. jet tunnel is only about 3" deep. just keeps the motor from hitting when bottomed out. my current g3 is not a tunnel and i have been very happy with that, however the transom is not built up and i think with the weight from a larger outboard this could be a potential problem. any insight on this would be greatly appreciated. Alagnak gave me alot of helpful info. when purchasing my previous boat. seems to know jets!! nobody around me a jet except the iowegians.
  7. posting this in here, as it seems most of the jets around here are fishing cats. starting the search for a new rig, in the 1860 range. i've currently running a g3 with a 60/40 yamaha, and happy with that other than size. wondering if anyone has experience with the lowe roughneck tunnel hull, or the seaark. these boats seem awfully heavy for a maximum of 65 to 80hp jets. also curious on the durability and function of these boats. the lowe is thousands less than a g3 or seaark. i fish the river for cats 99% of the time. couple trips after musky in the fall on smaller lakes.
  8. hello all, i'm in the market for a bigger boat. hoping someone out here can give me some guidance, and or share their experiences. i'm currently running a 1652 g3 with a yamaha 60/40 jet. family has grown but boat hasn't so i'm looking at something in the 1860 size. i've been pretty happy with my g3 and they make a cc 1860tunnel. i've also heard good things of the seaark jet tunnels. the other one i've found in the realm is a lowe. all 1860''s with jet tunnels. pretty sure i'm locked on a 115/80 jet, probably a merc. anyone out there with experience in these rigs, and or any seaark or lowe as i don't know anyone who has run one.
  9. i was very surprised to see the amount of spear shacks out there. i didn't realize the amount of people that were into spearing. the lakes i frequent (west central MN) there are normally between two and ten on any given weekend. last sunday there was one.
  10. maybe that's why other lakes are so quiet. the lakes i've been spearing have had very few spear shacks this year. of course i havn't been seeing many fish either, so maybe they are just smarter than me
  11. i've gotta second the frogs. i've seen a couple on bottom this year.
  12. i've been spying in here and in awe at some of these decoys. the average bear creek just doesn't do it for me. they probably work great, but staring at them is a hard day. are there any more of these shows coming up?? i would like to get my hands on some of the more unique dekes
  13. looks like you used cans of spray foam. just curious as to how many cans of foam it took?? i'm builing a smaller one myself just wondering about how much $$$ it's gonna take for the spray foam, or just use styro
  14. you can have one tip up out?? i always thought you could have one in the house jiggn for panfish, and one outside the house.
  15. how do these hold up on windy days?? is the setup similar to a ground blind with the center hubs?? ive used my clam which is ok, but if it's windy it flaps, and i have to cover it to stay dark enough.
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