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  1. In my opinion and have discussed with alot of my fishing buddies, and I spent alot of time on researching big panfish lakes, mainly bluegills because that's what I love fishing for, crappies are a close 2nd. But as a state as a whole we have many "good" panfish lakes that can produce large fish if the proper lake conditions (food, cover, predator fish, CPR, lack of or to much fishing pressure, lake bottom, growing season, winterkills, etc.) But there are some "great" panfish lakes that just produce large fish and can produce a good number of "keeper" and even "trophy" type panfish. Plus everyone has their own opinion on keepers or trophy sized panfish anyways. It's putting in the time to find them and know where to fish and when to fish for those big panfish. Best area in the state? Some were already listed, but for me personally I have fished from Willmar to the arrowhead/Canadian border for bluegills and crappies and my best advice is fish the lakes or rivers that people "over-look" or blow off or drive by, those are the ones I do my best at. If its a hawg you want Grand Rapids is a good start, if its a meal of nice crappies or bluegills Alec or Brainerd are good ideas. People always think to go north to get big panfish but there are some fine central Minnesota lakes that produce big panfish as well, and that's all I will say on that!
  2. So you can't use screw in steps on state or county or any public land in Minnesota anymore? I haven't hunted public land since 2006 when I was in school in Bemidji (oodles of public land), so I haven't paid any attention to public land rules since I move back near St. Cloud. But since I have lost pretty much all my private land bow spots to being sold off, I may be looking at public land again. Plus the drive/passion for me to bow hunt isn't like it use to be when I did hunt by Bemidji and you could actually get away from people and see deer move naturally, and fall fishing, duck/goose hunting are on my list to do as well. I guess my question to you guys who bow hunt in central (St. Cloud and Alec. areas) and the metro, how do you get away from traffic/human presence and outside interferes that restrict the deer movement to just early morning or sunset or are just nocturnal??
  3. Thanks Sonic and tunrevir for the advice will come in handy!
  4. Man some interesting stories! I am glad I don't have to deal with any trespassers as some of you fellas, but my biggest pet peeve I guess is people ahem.. (neighbors) who intently put new permanent stands up right on the property line or maybe 10 feet off the line and place them facing into your land! Even clearing shooting lanes right up to your property line! That's a doozie!!! Especially when the goofballs have 6 permanent stands for 40 acres!!! You really don't feel safe hunting your own land during gun season, when that type of pushing it or toeing the line happens. I guess where is the respect and reality of do we really need every square foot covered on our 40 acres??
  5. HAHAHAHAHA good one silkworm! There isn't anyone there for a reason! So your going to have that one to yourself for a LONG time! Its by that trout lake too...you might see me out there sometime! Leech- I agree with you there.....you can look up all the lake surveys you want they help somewhat but you do have to do the leg work to find the fish obviously. Honestly there are quite a few good bluegill lakes out there with fish over 8", you just have to think outside of the box is all really. There have been some good informative posts already posted, so that's a start...I just think if your limiting yourself to the metro area then you will have a hard time finding those big gills but they are down there thats for sure....there is enough diverse waters and the growing season is much longer than northern or even central Minnesota. There is just WAY....WAY to many people for the amount of water there is in the metro. All common sense issues but the biggest thing is to keep trying and try different spots, lakes, lures, time periods, seasons etc....even fishing during different weather patterns can make you stumble onto those big bluegills as they snap and go on a binge for an afternoon and you can have some of the best bluegill fishing in your life in a 3 hour time frame!
  6. Geez guy....it was just an idea!! I guess I was thinking of on the lines of sucker spearing and/or bowfishing, so next time I will just be more clearer. At least the fish aren't on shore or tossed in the ditch, and put to use.
  7. Sonic or Mike...just wanting some advice about this topic because I too was thinking of getting a boat trailer sandblasted, primed and painted, but would taking a wire brush and scrapping all the loose paint and other debris off and buying a can of rustoleum paint and just paint that on... would that be the best bang for my buck? I'm not fussy, its just a boat trailer, more worried about the bearings, tires and lights anyways. thanks in advance for your help!
  8. First of all why would a guy just chuck cisco's on shore, when other guys pay good money in Canada to use them for walleye and northern? Its free bait in my book, reuse them! Also if your not going to keep suckers or carp to eat or smoke or for fish patties....they can be utilized as fertilizer for gardens and farmer's fields, as well as they make great bait for bear baiting/hunting, grant it if you have the freezer room. I also get a kick out of guys who complain about all the bowfin in a lake and just tell you to toss them on shore, cuz they "ruin" lakes...its to bad they "can't" or "don't" make the connection that they shouldn't be worried about the bowfin but should be fishing for the nice panfish that cruise the same waters as the bowfin....oh darn it gave out a tidbit I've learned over the years or its just simple fishery science.
  9. Gonna keep up with tradition that was started 5 years ago when some friends and I were in college, and hit our favorite lake for opener. Will be out there at 4 am....I am actually pretty excited for this opener (always excited regardless) but this cooler spring weather has been perfect! Last year spring came to early!
  10. I am pulling mine as its just mainly used for spearing, and I haven't seen anything the last few times out, plus with this warm up the water is getting really murky and hard to see my decoys down at 6 feet. Plus the public access is 6 inches of pure water on top of the ice...and this lakes access always goes fast, so I am just taking the safe route and pulling my permanent spear house (I still have a portable I spear out of)...each lake is different and seeing the forecast most lakes will be fine they will just be a whole heck of alot easier to get around on.
  11. Nice! I like it! I don't feel as bad now! It gets 10 times worse too if you start tying your own lures and jigs, because then your always digging in the bargain bins at every Sporting goods store you go through to find some cheap lures or hooks! Then if you spear you always check out the new decoys, or get ideas to make your own! I swear its never ending! Don't feel bad just remember that the one lure you can't stop buying is jig heads!
  12. Some pretty good tips in previous posts, but as for me I always push it when it comes to late ice because I know how some lakes produce well and being that I don't have the luxury of owning a boat yet, I like being on the lakes with safe, walkable ice as late as possible. Being that said...once you get on ice and you can feel it sink some, then you know its time to call it quits for the season. I am one of those guys who still goes out if a planks don't reach the ice, I just use my waders, and when the lake gets a dark blue with a tint of green color in the ice then you know you only have 1 or 2 days left of ice fishing for the year. If your going to venture out late though always have a life jacket or one of those inflatable vests with you and never walk in shallow weed beds as they warm up the fastest and melt the quickest. You can have some of your best fishing of the year during late ice but as mentioned before it can be some of the dangerous if your not careful!
  13. You guys are really getting me pumped to see my fish mounts with all these pictures of big crappies and bluegills. Got a school fish, 2 bluegills, 3 hybrid sunfish, a crappie..should look pretty sweet! You guys are getting all these fish and its not even late ice yet! Hope its a good march and April good luck!
  14. I was going to say Leech with out a doubt because it has everything in it, so many species to chase! But I will change my opinion to agree with Chris and say Cass as well. As a BSU grad and having lived in the area there are just way to many options if you stay on Cass, and like was said before Leech and Winnie are not that far either. Even then Idk why you would trailer your boat to Leech or Winnie when Cass is comparable to them both if all you want is good walleye fishing with your wife to go catch some fish with you. Also being that said, with your boat and motor size if its to windy on Cass you can hit some of the smaller lakes connected to it so its not that bad of a deal, same goes with Leech there are many areas you can tuck yourself into on either lake. In my opinion though Lake of the Woods & Rainy are just to big of water(s) for your boat especially if the wind gets howling, and then your just stuck sitting in the cabin.
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