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  1. jermisch

    Gearing up?

    #1 - c-rigging stuff and a Lamiglass crank bait rod (tried one once and really liked it. #2 - Clean out my plastics box and get rid of the ones I never use. #3 - Had a wind up the legs frog once - JUNK!
  2. jermisch

    Cougar sighting

    Im with has to be bigfoots baby...
  3. jermisch

    Spro Ball Bearing Barrel Swivels

    I know some of us are still fishing this year but I am also gearing up for next year. I am going to get the stuff for Carolina rigging and someone told me Spro had the best barrel swivels. Yeah they probably do but for $7.29 for 3 they better be. My question is are they really worth that or is there something else that is the best bang for my buck?
  4. jermisch

    May 24th......Where Everyone Going!!

    Originally Posted By: ikeslayeri will be on the same lake as JERMISH Dominating him in a little for fun tourney! It will feel great to fish and win all in the same day. ike Will you be playing cards Ike? You said something about win...I know it won't be that day on the lake!
  5. jermisch

    May 24th......Where Everyone Going!!

    Hopefully the sauk chain and a little lake in Buffalo
  6. jermisch


    I have depthfinder does the same thing with the trolling motor running or off and it is a cheapy...
  7. jermisch


    I am hoping this week but it will be panfish...I am hoping ikeslayer is going to be coming to alex...hope the ice is off by then
  8. jermisch

    What to use

    chartruse pepper (don't know if I spelled that right)
  9. jermisch

    What to use

    I would try to skip a senko in there. If there are branches gaurding, accuracy and luck would get me in there. I would fish heavier line and ready to cross their eyes and pull them out as quickly as they bit.
  10. jermisch

    Snap swivels.........who uses them and when?

    I only use them on spinner baits and not all the time. Other species, I use the on spoons...otherwise direct tie.
  11. jermisch

    Where would you start

    Jig worm...and try to drag it same speed as current...quiet and slow
  12. jermisch

    Favorite Tube

    Fat Head Tube by Berkley Sour Grape color. Can't find them anymore. Or Snack Daddy white with the front dyed purple garlic w/spike it.
  13. jermisch

    Dock Talk!!

    I don't really like to post much but my son made me proud on a dock this year. He is 9 and I was practicing with a jig'n'pig and he was beggin to go dock skipping, I wanted to stay outside the outer weedline. Finally, I gave in. We got up to the first dock and I let him have the first cast. The worm barely hit the water and it was fishon. He landed that one and we hit the next dock. Samething happened, the worm just hit the water and fishon. Makes a dad proud.