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  1. straydog

    Klondike - the Discovery mini series

    I also liked it but it wasn't quite what I was expecting either
  2. straydog


    + 1 on downtown,I like staying at the golden nugget and taking a taxi to the strip for one of the days out there.
  3. straydog

    First Thing That Pops Into Your Head-

    The great outdoors
  4. straydog

    Laminate Flooring pad?

    Ive had good luck with the white foam that comes in the rolls, not sure what works best though as thats all ive used.
  5. straydog

    First Thing That Pops Into Your Head-

    the flinstones
  6. straydog

    Missing app on droid

    Now that I read the "where's latitude" deal it seems like it was directed towards location sharing which I have absolutely no interest in, I just wanted to be able to find things in the area I was in.
  7. straydog

    Missing app on droid

    Mine looks like LMITOUTs screen and im pretty certain im running ICS. It will work. I just thought that latitude was convenient but once I get used to going threw maps it will be just as convenient.
  8. straydog

    Missing app on droid

    Thanks guys, it is definitely gone. I guess I will go threw google maps. Seems like when I get used to an app they update it.
  9. Crazy thing about it is I had it on my home screen and used it all the time but I don't know what it was called or even for sure looked like. It was some how connected to google maps and it told you what services are in the area you are in. The app had that red pointer (upside down teardrop) and maybe the silhouette of a person. Can anyone tell me what it was called so I can get it back. I had to pull google maps back out of the apps list on the phone but cant find the other one, must have updated them.