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  1. I admit I'm a little new to pitching and flipping. Until recently, it's just not a technique I put enough time into in the past to have any success. My question, to someone with more experience than I is (and I know this can vary between manufacturers) do you think a heavy power rod has an advantage over a MH or is this overkill in Minnesota waters?
  2. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a few opinions here. I recently picked up a new 13 concept A reel from tackle warehouse with the intent of putting together a new flipping/pitching rig. What I would like an opinion on is a rod to go with it. I would like to stay in budget around $100. Any ideas/preferences.
  3. Thanks for the reply. It's good to know you haven't stopped making jigs and I hope you are feeling better soon. I'm a big fan of your jigs and I'll have to get some before opener even if I have to swing by your store on my way to the cabin.
  4. river_rogue

    Northstar Jigs

    Does anybody know if Northstar is still making jigs? I was going thru my tackle bag the other day to take inventory and I see their site is still up but it doesn't look like one can make an order. I see they are no longer offered on TW as well. I didn't know if they were just down for the season or if I am going to find somewhere else to restock my jigs for next season.
  5. Wow! A big thanks to everyone for sharing your experiences and opinions. I think I might give a LH reel a try. I can always switch back.
  6. Thanks skocsuhs,I'm glad to hear first hand from someone who has made the switch. I grew up with spinning rods and it seemed strange at first switching hands after a cast. Although I have gotten used to it over the years I can't help but feel that I would prefer a left handed reel.
  7. river_rogue

    Right or Left

    I have been looking at replacing some of my older "budget" baitcast reels and I am going to pick up some better quality gear. One thing I was considering doing was switching to left-hand reels as I have heard that many right-handed anglers prefer them. My question is does anyone here fish with a left handed reel? (or lefties with RH reels) Just curious and looking for some input.
  8. I purchased this app for my phone and could not reload it after reactivating my phone so i sent them an email and received this response. "Due to recent agreements with the Canadian Hydrographic Service, Navionics is currently conducting updates for Canadian cartography. This app is currently not available through the Android Market. We hope to have this coverage area available for purchase in the near future. If you need any additoinal information, please ask."
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