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  1. Thanks for the responses. Where does a guy purchase the uni-strut setup? I have been doing some research and I think I like the Monster Rax overhead shelves. They are kind of expensive but look to be really nice.
  2. Yes I agree. I was looking to put lighter objects such as coolers and stuff like that.
  3. I am looking to install some hanging garage shelves over the top of my garage doors. I have 13 foot ceilings and would like to take advantage of all that wasted space. Does anyone have any suggestions of what brands to go with? Thanks!
  4. I did. 7-8 inches of ice. Ran the camera for about an hour and only saw sunfish and bass.
  5. Can you scout before the season opens on this lake? Can I go out this weekend with an auger and camera without possessing any fishing gear?
  6. How about a 7/8 ratcheting wrench for gas connections? Something that is open-ended and ratchets with a nice warm handle on the end. It might even exist...not sure.
  7. September 2008 stayed in the Gulf De Papgayo area and used a place out of Coco Beach. Wife and I caught some really nice Dorado's. Had one sail fish on but it did not stick. Here is the link. http://sportfishingbluemarlin.com/Default.asp
  8. Trolling lead core for walleyes. 30 feet. It was a pretty nice bonus fish.
  9. Kind of a give away with the trolling motor up. So yes.
  10. Here is one fom the other day.
  11. Fishin' Magician, I have been coming to Algoma for about 15 years. I always liked the name of your charter and when this site first started I used your boat name as my handle. Sorry about that but no one had taken it yet. I have enjoyed the fishery in Algoma and hope it continues to produce. We have a trip already planned this summer and cannot wait to hear the real sing.
  12. Came across this boat muskie fishing one day. Good thing this guy didn't have a full gas can...
  13. We stayed at a resort called the Grand Papagayo (all inclusive). It is located just north of Coco Beach. The same bay that they are opening a huge marina scheduled to open in January. Here is the view from the beach.
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