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  1. Area 171 - Hunter's Choice Quite satisfied with the numbers. Average day there were 10-12 deer seen total between the 3 of us who hunted the property. Only 4 buck were seen though, all forks... The remainder were Doe and fawns. So quality was not too great Opening day I saw 22 (20 doe/fawn + 2 buck) I think, oddly enough, that 171 could go to a doe only area for a while, perhaps 2 per person... However, the majority of others I have spoken to that hunted the same area did not fair well and saw very few, if any, deer at all... So maybe the HC option is sufficient for now...
  2. CNCMike

    Have you seen a bear?

    Saw one on opening weekend east of emily
  3. CNCMike

    Have you seen a Mt Lion?

    Yes, north of Crosby crossing the highway a couple years ago Just snowed so we went and checked for tracks. Found them easily and DNR still said we were incorrect, even after the CO verified he prints as those of a mountain lion/cougar
  4. Often, Crow wing, Aitkin and cass counties I usually see 3-4 each year
  5. CNCMike

    Have you seen a ELK....

    Yep, a couple up in the Grygla area
  6. 1) Have you seen a wolf YOURSELF in 2009, 2010, and/or 2011? Yes, all three years Crow Wing, Aitkin, Cass, St. Louis Counties 2) How many Minnesota wolves have you seen in your lifetime? 20-30 3) What is the closest you personally been to a live wild timber wolf? 15 feet. Stood under my deerstand sniffing the tree, ground and air 4) How did the wolf react to you? Which Time? Most of the time they wander off or sneak back into the woods. I did sort of surprise one once that took off running like a rocket! 2) How many Minnesota wolves have you seen in your lifetime? 3) What is the closest you personally been to a live wild timber wolf? (penned, zoo experiences don't count) 4) How did the wolf react to you?
  7. CNCMike

    Hides for Habitat "rant"

    +1,000 I was thinking exactly the same thing.
  8. Low lying wet areas, with tag alder and aspen surrounding them seem to work as opposed to an actual "swamp". It seems that anything with a bit of dampness, perhaps a little actual water, with some good cover, blackberry, raspberry, tag alder, aspen and blowdown surrounding it, are the better areas as the season progresses. I do, however, actually have a spruce swamp that holds a ton of grouse that I hunt in right after firearms deer season. The edge areas, where there are some aspen and oaks nearby are great. As for later season, once there is 4" or more snow on the ground, I find that the older poplar forests are where the birds are. 8" or bigger diameter trees...
  9. iPhone has an actual GPS receiver built in, so it actually uses both cell signal and SAT... I have very rarely managed to be anywhere in the state of MN that I don't have usable signal with it. However, for the occasions when I do, I like to open google maps at home, go to the area on the map that I will hunt in, and put in a location, say where I will park. Then, when I am in that area, signal or no, I can access the map and see my current location by the blue dot as well as my vehicle location. Works like a champ even if you do not have viable cell service. Once the map is opened and you have waymarked or what have you, it will reopen and be usable. The blue dot will always come up, current location, but without the map it is impossible to see where you are, hence the need to open the map at home and add a point to base off of
  10. CNCMike

    Buying a deer license

    You can purchase online, however you can not hunt until it arrives in the mail.. Usually about 5-7 days
  11. CNCMike

    How many acres??

    180 acres of land. 80% wooded, 20% swamp. 4 people hunting it this year, up from 3 the last few years. Until 10 years ago only 2 of us hunted it at all.
  12. CNCMike

    After the shot

    Shot a doe a number of years ago. 4th season I had seen the same doe on the exact same trail at almost the exact same time. She had a routine of walking that trail between 9 and 9:15 every morning. Last day of the season and along she came, about 5 after 9. I decided I needed meat and hadn't seen much but her and a couple smaller doe all season so I took the shot. Looked like a spot on shot but she kept walking. Never changed speed, didn't flinch, nothing.. Just kept walking on the trail. I fired another shot, positive I hit her again and still nothing. That big doe just kept walking. I stared in disbelief as she casually walked ahead, straight into a tree, head first. Her legs began to slow down and she slid, face on the tree, down to the ground... Just weird.
  13. CNCMike

    How long do you sit?

    Dark till dark or when I bag and tag... Whichever comes first
  14. Plenty of good grouse areas up that way. Use the MN DNR maps, recreation compass, or google maps, to give you the lowdown on state lands, wildlife areas, etc... Then go accordingly based on that.
  15. GREAT advice Brittman!! I always have my iPhone for navigation and rescue, my garmin etrex GPSr for backup and an actual compass, just in case batteries die. The back country, off the trail areas, can get pretty difficult sometimes and they are very easy to get turned around in.