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  1. MLS

    Waconia advice

    Amen Tony. That much pressure is tough on fish and fisherman. Good luck out there!
  2. MLS

    MAC- Leech Results

    I fished it. we had several fish going just no commitment. Fish were on rocks and weeds. I think all the teams were seeing fish. conditions could not have been worse.
  3. MLS

    MAC Leech Lake

    Anyone fishing it? looks like they moved it from a two day event to a one day event because of lack of entries! tough economy i guess.
  4. MLS

    Mn Metro Tourny Results???

    some fiends of mine did from about 11-2. nothing
  5. MLS

    Mn Metro Tourny Results???

    To clarify one thing in Rob's post - the MAC does not want fish transported. If there is not another boat within ear shot a boat partner will suffice as a witness. This is only true for the metro tourney because it is an individual tournament. In team tournaments a MAC board is issued and a photo is taken with that to insure authenticity. They do a good job of putting the fish first IMO.
  6. MLS

    Mn Metro Tourny Results???

    There was a bass tourney out there too....
  7. MLS

    Favorite bullet for .50 TC Omega

    What do you guys think about 223 grain? i have been shooting them without any problems but was thinking of switching to a heavier load before i go to the range this year. I am worried about knock down power or lack thereof if a get a longer shot, say past 100 yards. i have not had any opportunities that long since taking up muzzleloading. Anyone had problems with the 223?
  8. MLS

    Moving Opener/Reduce Walleye Limit Proposal

    The DNR would still set regs specific to each lake. That does not change under this proposal.
  9. MLS

    Shimano Compre

    Yep, love em.
  10. Sorry, I forgot to mention this was a clear big lake, so that is probably on the cool side compared to other lakes.
  11. MLS

    Otter Tail area

    to fish it correctly that boat is too small.
  12. MLS

    Otter Tail area

    If it were me I would go to ManTrap and or leech.
  13. MLS

    Otter Tail area

    no muskies in otter tail. Try west battle.