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  1. Ice on area lakes continued to thicken and fish continued to bite over the past week. Good ice and favorable weather conditions attracted good numbers of anglers to area lakes. Both bluegills and crappie were biting very well. Walleye fishing also improved compared to the previous week. Several anglers had some notable catches, including one walleye over 31 inches long. Ice on the lakes was more than a foot nearly everywhere, with 14 to 16 inches of ice in some places. Over the next week, rising daytime temperatures means the weather should be excellent for ice fishing. Active fish, solid ice and good weather—this week should be perfect for ice fishing. Go out and drill a few holes in the ice!
  2. Sorry I have not been out but I am hearing they are getting a few trolling cranks still but no real info to tell you other than that.
  3. They are still catching lots of walleye's but they are mostly 16" to 17 1/2" If you are looking to catch a bunch of fish for fun this is the place.
  4. Has anyone been getting any eye's lately out there? I was thinking about taking a trip over there and doing some trolling. I have never fished it.
  5. I wish I could help you but I have never been on the lake. First place I would look for walleyes is on the deep weed edges and fish there something around 15' deep that the weeds come out to but like I said I have never been on the lake.
  6. Well let me first off say I have far from mastered trolling. I run boards and crankbaits and spend lots of time driving around and trying different things some days it works and some days I can't catch them. Long Lake is a hard trolling lake for me just can't seem to get it figured out. The one thing I do know is they like shad style baits.
  7. I spent the day out on Long Tuesday trolling cranks around weed edges and ended up with a few best one was 27" I would post a picture but I can't remember how so anyways she is still swimming to be caught another day.
  8. I was on Long Lake yesterday and had a water temp of 60 to 61
  9. Ole54868

    Wart? UPDATED

    I think its a sign that you should have taken me up on the free Golden pup that I offered you but that is just me. Not a clue on the wart thing though. Have a good day
  10. I have been getting a few eyes trolling mid day with crank baits yesterday was slow for me though with only one eye but it was a nice 25" fish at least fished a few hours and then called it a day. Good luck everyone. I am heading to the woods to get my stands set and ready for the first week of November.
  11. Ole54868

    Golden Breeders

    It really depends on the dog they are not all the same. I would say in general yes they are a more intense dog which is also why they are almost always a better dog for hunting they have a much greater drive. You need to spend more time on obedience with a field breed dog but they will pick up other things much faster. Keep in mind these dogs are breed for trainability too. In order to get a Field Trial title on a dog you have to have a dog that is very trainable because much of what is involved to get that title is more complex than a normal hunting situation. Look at my litter from last year under Field Breed Goldens and talk to any of the owners that bought a pup and they will all tell you how wonderful the pup's are and how smart they are ect. I have them in hunting homes and in homes as pets and everyone has been very pleased. The key is start training obedience right away because that is the most important thing. Good luck with whatever you decide
  12. Thanks for the report Vman. As far as the bass fishing goes I think it depends on the lake from what I have been hearing great fishing on some lakes and not so hot ont the others. I was out on Sunday and can tell you that the walleyes are biting very well and there are some nice ones biting. Good Luck Everyone.
  13. Ole54868

    Golden Breeders

    By the way the better breed field trial lines are worth every penny in my opinion. I have had 4 from good field trial lines and have yet to get a bad one which was not the case with the first Golden I bought that both parents hunted. Just my two cents
  14. Ole54868

    Golden Breeders

    I would check out Ridgeway Kennel he is in Wisconsin. He has good lines and price on puppies is very resonable. Top Brass is going to have some of the better lines around but they are pretty big money for a pup. If you want a great water dog look at ambertrail kennels she has Firside Push and I personally have a pup from him and can tell you he is a top notch dog with great water attitude plus good looking classic golden structure. There are lots of breeders that use Push for a stud dog so you should be able to find something.