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  1. SDbowhunter

    New Prop Help? 1994 EVENRUDE 90HP, 1660 LUND PRO-V

    I found out today that my prop should be in by thursday next week. I'll pay attention to all the tips everyone pointed out and also take note of the pitch. I was not sure of the gear ratio's or normal slip ratings so that is why I was at a loss for where to start. Thanks again.
  2. SDbowhunter

    New Prop Help? 1994 EVENRUDE 90HP, 1660 LUND PRO-V

    I should have stated more clearly... Whats starting point of pitch should I be looking for? The beam width is something like 78 or 79" Again, It was not stamped on the old prop so I am shooting in the dark. I am getting close to a fishing trip and I may need to order one if I can't get my old one back in time. I would also like to have a spare even if the pitch isn't perfect so that I can limp home. As far as the old prop it was pretty nicked up and I had worked it over with a file many times. It had a tough life already when I finally took a chip out of it and sent it in.
  3. I am trying to size a new prop for my boat. Can anybody with some boat expertise help me out. My current prop is out for repairs and I could not find anything stamped on it before I sent it off. This prop ran at about 5500 RPM (I cant remember RPM exactly) at 34-35 MPH. I wouldn't mind squeezing a few more MPH out but this is not necessary. Any recommendations? How about brands of props?
  4. SDbowhunter

    tip up leaders for eyes?

    I avoid flourocarbon unless it is required by the water clarity. I have not been impressed with the knot strength compared to mono. When I do use flouro I use 10 lb. Typically I will run 8 lb. Trilene XT.
  5. SDbowhunter

    Leave the house on the lake or take it off?

    We are pulling my brothers house off this morning.
  6. SDbowhunter

    Tip Up line

    Fly line all the way. It is limp, strong, sensitive, has little memory, is tangle resisitant, and doesn't freeze up. The texture on the line allows you to easily grip the line and at the same time you can apply drag easily. Braided lines tangle to easily and freeze to the spools and plastic coated lines' memory cause your bait to not sit were you want it to unless you use alot of split shots.
  7. SDbowhunter

    Mini 14 vs AR 15

    Look into Delton or J&T kits... Just add a lower reciever. Just about any brand of lower will do. A trained monkey can put one together. Most of the lower tier(does not mean they are bad) companies like DPMS, Delton, Stag, Bushmaster etc. use the same parts manufacturers. Top of line are companies are Colt, BCM, Larue, LMT, etc. and also cost alot more.
  8. SDbowhunter

    HELP! Marcum VX1 wiring question Red or Black, Left or Right

    Thank you very much.
  9. SDbowhunter

    Early ice - can I take my portable?

    Hand augers are great for early ice as chipping holes weakens the ice. If i am really feeling lucky 2"-3" I just use my portable as a sled/seat. Once you get a good 4 inches flip it over its relatively safe.
  10. I broke of my power connecter for my flasher. I rigged up a new connector but cant tell Positive from Negative on the unit. Someone please look at thiers tell me which terminal is which. I appreciate the help. Thanks,
  11. SDbowhunter

    Gun training question?

    My dog showed no timidness towards loud noise at a young age. His first introduction to guns was at about 8-10 weeks. I had my brother hold him... Someone he knew well. I took the 22 and walked about 50 yards away he didnt flinch. My brother let him go, he came running up to me and a fired a few more rounds. I then went straight to the 12 gauge. He never flinched and its been good ever since. You have to know your dog and work in slowly if need be. Your dog will tell you right away how slowly you have to introduce them.
  12. For your uses a M2 would be great but I would check out the Vinci. As a side note I am always leary of new anything. If you want the 3.5 capability get the SBE II. Both guns will probably struggle shooting 7/8 once loads. My SBE works OK with 1 ounce loads but has the occational issue. Thats ok since I shoot 1 1/8 any how. You should also look at Beretta's I personally didn't like the way Berettas fit me but from everything I've read people complain about them less.
  13. SDbowhunter

    Small hunting dogs

    A co-worker of mine takes his Yorky out with him pheasant hunting. She wont retrieve a bird but will point, chase, and round up wounded birds until one of the big dogs get it.
  14. SDbowhunter

    Arctic Armor......Is it worth the money?

    I have one complaint about AA. This weekend while out fishing I realized that there is a little metal gromment where the hood string goes through and when cinched up the grommet contacted my face. Other then that I absolutely love it.
  15. SDbowhunter

    Fish Cam vs GPS