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  1. SneakAttack

    Farmington Goalie Stunt

    I also did some stupid stuff while in high school but without the help of my dad Care to share the 2nd side of this story?
  2. ^ ^ ^ That truly is an EPIC setup
  3. If you wear black hoodies, buy $150 duck calls, buy mud motors even though the lake you hunt on is 15' deep and there are so many stickers on the rear truck window that you cant see. Wear face paint to, always a sign of a true waterfowler
  4. SneakAttack

    Bighead Carp caught on the St Croix

    Wish there could be something that slows them down but i dont think there is, been to Peoria Illinois and seen them first hand,they are thick, Locals say the Walleye/Sauger fishing has not changed but still nobody wants them
  5. SneakAttack

    Jon Boat Inquiry

    Buy A rivet jon, much cheaper and lighter than a welded. Welded boats wont do you good when when outboard smacks a stump or a rock
  6. SneakAttack

    Duck Dynasty

    Google USFWS agent David Hall and fish around for some reads, dude busted up many waterfowl camps down south. Cant find the vid on Phil talking about his outlaw day David Hall wrote a book about being a warden called Game Wars, never read it but heard its good
  7. SneakAttack

    Duck Dynasty

    He's a self-admitted poacher from long ago and its no secret, theres a youtube vid of him talking about it. I just think all pro waterfowlers act like a bunch of clowns
  8. SneakAttack

    Share good music

    Gordie must be a big Ritchie Blackmore fan like i am, great vids
  9. SneakAttack

    Duck Dynasty

    Wonder if Phil Robertson had family values back in his poaching days? Guy is a bum just like Foiles, ill never support either one.
  10. SneakAttack

    hockey fight videos
  11. SneakAttack

    MN High School Hockey

    No shock here but Justin Kloos wins Mr. Hockey
  12. SneakAttack

    MN High School Hockey

    Private Schools in class A doesnt bother me cause it is a JV tourney Hermantown should opt up, great program year in and out and can compete with anyone in state, Why do you think Mike Randolph and the hounds dont play them? Ill take Eagan to Win AA and Hermantown in A
  13. SneakAttack

    Saints paid players to hurt foes

    Miami Hurricanes were rumored to have bounties in the 80's, its not right but its not the first and last time this will happen
  14. SneakAttack

    First Thing That Pops Into Your Head-

    Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
  15. SneakAttack

    Saints paid players to hurt foes

    My all time fav Vikings fan excuse