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  1. ikatcher

    Fridge Popping GFI

    There is a possibility that your defrost system has an issue. most refers run in cool mode for 8 hours and defrost comes on for 20 minutes. If it is in a defrost cycle and you are popping the gfi, the problem is in the defrost.If the compressor runs and it pops it could be several issues including the compressor. If it were mine I would run an extension cord from a non-GFI outlet and see what mode it is in.If comp is running it is in a cool mode. If it is quiet it is in a defrost mode.
  2. ikatcher

    Crackling pines

    I think it may be the pine cones opening. I heard it today also.
  3. ikatcher


    that should not be a problem. one thing to watch out for is the distance the drain line is. D.W pumps are not very powerful and if it is too far from the sink it will not drain. Drain line should be looped up above the highest point water can reach. usually to the top of the sink then down to the exit point into your sink drain.
  4. ikatcher

    Furnace help please!!

    probably a dirty flame sensor. should be a thin metal rod that sits near the burners. when flames are on this should be in the flame. clean the rod with steel wool. (not sandpaper)
  5. ikatcher

    The NFC North Champion Green Bay Packers

    By rule, The NFC North had to send somebody. I'm guessing, not to many division winners in history were outscored by their opponents.
  6. ikatcher

    Time for Jared Allen to go

    No doubt he could do it. But, afterwards he would have dislocated his shoulder patting himself on the back!
  7. ikatcher

    Harvin wants out

    Wonder why Harvin had such a problem with Ponder? Pretty sure he was leading the leauge in receptions before he was injured.That offense was built for a slot receiver. He is an silly-me.Dont let the the door hit you in the behind on your way out!
  8. ikatcher

    A loss in the fishing world...

    I was afraid thats who it was.I knew Jeff as a very young boy. I heard Jeff turned into quite the fisherman. I used to fish with Todd alot back in the 80's. such sad news.
  9. ikatcher

    A loss in the fishing world...

    Would you happen to know his fathers name?
  10. ikatcher

    Packer/49ers Playoff Game Day

    Dont see anybody defending anything about the Vikings here. I certainly would not question you(limitout), its pretty clear that you know everything.
  11. ikatcher

    Packer/49ers Playoff Game Day

    I thought Packer fans didn't use excuses??? They could be losing by 28 pts with 3 min left and they all stay in their seats cheering them on to the end. As much as you guys like to think you are different, you"re no different then any other fan of any other team! Get over yourselves!
  12. ikatcher

    Packer/49ers Playoff Game Day

    And thats why they are losing. Duh.
  13. ikatcher

    Packer/49ers Playoff Game Day

    although the 49ers gave up some yds, the defense only gave up 17 pts to the mighty Packer offense. Packers got a pick 6 and they got a garbage T.D. at the end. Pretty sure most teams would take that. And by the way, you cant blame a guy for not admitting he is a Packer fan. Would you????
  14. ikatcher

    Packers VS Vikings: Playoff Game

    DTro, Its O.K. Its a Packer fan. Next time talk slower and they will understand:)
  15. ikatcher

    twin trophys**pics added**

    I do have a pic from this last trip. If I could E-mail the photo to somebody who could post it, that would be great. I have a haedache just thinking about how to do it myself.