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  1. jigemup

    question for the experts

    just bought indy 500 only had so much money set aside for sled i weigh around 240 and my wife is 140 sled runs like a dream but was wondring if this sled can handle two riders for about a 30 mile jaunt across lake of the woods i know it wont be the most comfortable ride but was just wondering if the sled can handle it
  2. way too much 150 -175 is alright you arent going to get retail lol
  3. jigemup

    heading to Lake of the Woods this week....

    hi i go to lotw all the time do you own portables or do you want to rent houses thier are many roads you can drive out on and fish in portables i would highly reccomend going off bablers road in roosevelt close to warroad very good fishing out thier on the reefs or try long point resort they rent houses for 13.50 per hole per day not per person like most