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  1. I'm getting out of the duck hunting game and selling my boat, motor and as a bonus, my fish finder. The boat is a 1984 Crestliner: its in decent shape and in the last month I put new tires (have yet to see the road) and new wires. The blind frame was with the boat when I bought it and just needs reed grass or a couple of camo sheets. Trailer, gas tank, and spare tire (needs air) all included. I have the fuel line but I'm thinking that should probably be replaced. Coupler says 1 7/8 for ball size. The motor is a 1965 Johnson Sea Horse 18 hp. I had it running the last time I took her out - it died on me and I never got around to fixing it, it still has compression - I'm guessing its carburetor related but don't know enough about marine engines....when it was running it put the boat up on plane quite nicely. The fish finder is a hummingbird 565 - I used it the summers when I took the blind frame off. Never had a problem with it, just no reason to keep it without a boat. 600$ and its all yours, cash only
  2. Was in the Emily/Outing area and had a SLOW weekend. It took until Sun night before I even saw one deer - a yearling doe. Kept my eyes open for anything following her but nada. We did some scouting and all the usual haunts aren't even touched yet - not a single rub or scrape. I did have a couple of small bucks on the trail cam checking out the mock scrapes I had made but not when I was in the stand. Is the rut late/slow up north (north of Brainerd we'll say) this year??? Had 0 response to various calling (tried rattling, grunting and just for fun bleating).
  3. Was up north over the weekend and the weather was definitely not cooperating. The leaf drop and rain pretty much killed any sign of movement. All the deer were very spooky and slow moving - had one small doe yearling come it at ten yards - VERY cautious . I also noticed on the trailcam that not one pic happened when the temp was higher than 50 degrees. I think the blast of warm air over the last two weeks made the lull even worse. Cooler temps should kick things off and get them up and moving. I'm thinking we're going to see an explosion of movement over the next two weeks. Of course, the standing crops aren't helping any.
  4. Hey Vlasin - mind if i ask how old your pup is? And where you got him, he bears a striking resemblance to Mac:
  5. Bear on a mineral rock - where was he last year when i had a bear license?!?!? This might be a piebald - look at the colaration. Not like the other buck i had come in. This is close to where this boy got taken last year: http://brainerddispatch.com/outdoors/2011-11-08/hunter-takes-rare-piebald-deer-minnesota Something got their attention: Fisher me thinks: A crow dive bomb????
  6. Since nobody else has one - This is me falling out of my stand - JOKE!!!
  7. ...the traffic to get up north the Friday night before firearms. Pulling up behind the yutz with his camper doing 40 miles an hour right when the road gets curvy and you can't pass. ...early season walking out of heavy cover to an open field to realize you dont have an arrow knocked and a doe and two fawns staring at you at 20 yards. ...getting gear packed up to scout a week before season (during midday) specifically thinking "should i take my bow? Nah, I wont see anything during midday". Then walking down a open road and having a beautiful chocolate antlered buck spot you then challenge you and finally walk to within ten yards and put his head down below the grass line to feed..... ...you shoot a buck on the ground he lays down to die, you wait 45 minutes and have a hunyuck on his wheeler pull up *before atv driving hours* and says "I have to get my stand to be home by 1:30" and kicks your previously dying deer up. ...you hunt bear opening morning and THEN go to pull your memory card - check it back at camp to find out 12 hours before you were in the stand, there were two cubs in it.
  8. I have a question - why was my zone hunter choice last year (the season following a horrible winter) and now lottery (a season following one of the mildest winters in 30+ years). I do know there are a lot of wolves in my area BUT a mild winter is tougher on the wolves than the deer. Given the amount of rain in the area there should be ample food (heck, I don't think they even ran low on food over the winter) in conjunction with an absolutely toothless spring - how can they have "downgraded" my area?!?! I know there's a bunch of "DNR doesn't know what they're doing", "they're morons", sentiment but really - can anyone answer why they did this??? What would have caused the population to be lower??? Unless I missed something (which would be a first for me, haha) - a change from hunter's choice to lottery suggests less deer, right??? I'm up by Emily/Outing by the way.
  9. Hey everyone - thanks for all the advice. I think I'm going to go out to Gettysburg - found decent lodging sounds like there's places to eat and plenty of lands to hit. I'm going to try ground pounding without the aid of guide. Here's the a good summer for the ditch chickens!
  10. Thanks for the advice, really do appreciate it. We're planning on heading out around Thanksgiving so the crowds will hopefully be a little thinned and the fields should be cut by then. I originally was looking at (still haven't' ruled out) the Pierre area - would like to hit the national grasslands and there is quite a lot of other public land out there. I've heard there are snakes on the west side of the river and that is not a risk I'm crazy about running with the dogs. Has anyone been past the river in late November? Are snakes an issue??? Am I being over paranoid????
  11. Hey all - I'm starting to plan for a SD pheasant hunting trip this fall and I'm not exactly finding what I'm looking for online. I was hoping I might get some recommendations from FM'ers - I'm going later in the season, so don't worry I wont be shooting ALL the birds. I'm looking at heading to Gettysburg - Potter County - and splitting the four days we're out there between public land and private (possibly guided) land. Right now I have two dogs that are more than willing to kick up birds and I want to get them some real action before they get any older (the almost 7 year old is starting to slow already) - went out there last year and didn't do too well on public land around Mitchell. I'm looking at some of the prices and some of the policies a lot of the ranches/guides have and I'm not liking what I'm seeing. Now, I'm not looking for your guys' hot spots or dropping a lot of money and I really don't want a guide to stand me 10 feet from a bird have his dog flush it - I want to get on decent numbers of birds (which probably means getting on private land) and do it myself. Any help would be appreciated - you can email me at j w hawkridge @ gmail . com (no spaces). Thanks all!
  12. Hey guys - I'm trying to plan out my first SD pheasant hunt this fall and would really appreciate some advice. I'm trying to bring two of my buddies who've never hunted out there, one of which has a Weimaraner that will be seeing it's first pheasant season. I've got two dogs myself, both are right in their prime right now and I want to get at least one SD hunt in before the get any older. I've never been past Sioux Falls so I have no idea where to go. I'm thinking we're going to be hitting public land (which there looks to be a ton of) and would like some general information on areas to go to for some success. I don't want to hit anyone's hot spots or anything but I'm hoping someone who's been out there might be able to point me in the right direction. If you don't want to post my email is jwhawkridge @ gmail . com I'll say thanks in advance to anyone that helps out!!!!!!
  13. OK - after three runs of the lottery I didn't get drawn for bear. I think. Probably. If they don't rerun, AGAIN. If I try and get a non-purchased license after July 29th do my preference points reset, as if I had been drawn?
  14. Yup - apparently I wasn't drawn this year with 2 pref points - but i got drawn and got one last year. And yes, that was earlier this morning, and the results are gone again..... .............DNR - Do Nothing Repeatably
  15. Haven't got mine yet. Wondering when those patches will be mailed?!?!? I got an empty spot on my shoulder that needs something on it...
  16. DonBo - Thanks man! I wouldn't have been able to do without your post! Here's the 2nd pheasant tail I did and their final spot in the house:
  17. Hey DonBo - got my first buck this year and followed your treatment (except used batting rather than plaster) and I think I turned out pretty darn good. I know it's a small set but I was my first set so I had to mount them. Also tried mounting a pheasant tail (I know, I know this isn't' the pheasant forum). Got another tail I'm planning on mounting soon. This is my first venture into amateur taxidermy. Whaddya think folks?
  18. I bought my spring of 09. I had two robin hoods in less than a week (after a month of practicing), so I don't try to group them anymore - arrows are too stinking expensive. By the way, Cabela's carbon stalker extreme really like to be shot out of it. Took my first bear this year with it, missed several deer last year (operator error) . I love the bow: it's light, easy to work on, accurate and the price was right. I would shoot several in your price range though: buy what "feels" the best. I would recommend the stinger from experiences with it. I did have a creak in it - took it in and they took it apart and put it back together - haven't had a creak since....never really found out what it was...
  19. We'll be up there. I'd tell ya but I'd have to kill ya. I will say been up there for bow a lot. Not a lot of sign or sightings.......does not bode well....
  20. DUDE! That is freaking awesome! Thanks!
  21. svonasek - Thats the dimensions I want to build, any way you'd be willing to give the plan out???
  22. Me: Marlin 336SC 30-30 with an ancient scope. Inherited from my old man and despite my best efforts I can't make the thing miss...... Wife: 336C .35 or the Remington 7600 .30-06.
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