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  1. Based on how the weather is going we might need to use these all year. I have a Striker Ice lift suit and it is super warm. I like that their bibs legs can be shortened as I have short legs. This was a major selling point for me.
  2. I am not sure what might be happening exactly, but I would check for software updates at humminbird for both your 859 and ipilot link. Have you tried calling humminbird. They have been very helpful for me. Good Luck!
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    I am having a problem that when I click on a topic it doesn't go to the new post. I have to go through all the replies. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks, Mike
  4. Did you guys have any success on Saturday?
  5. Always use stabil and ring free in my Yamaha 150. I believe it is cheap insurance so that I don't have any issues. One repair of a few hundred dollars I way more expensive than using stabil and ring free. Just my humble opinion.
  6. Your rafters must be spaced much wider than trusses. Trusses are only 24" apart, so no way for sled to sit between them. When you store it make sure and add some dryer sheets to keep the mice out. Good Luck!
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    Yes black would be much better.
  8. How do you know what lake he was at? Looks like a lot of fun! Those are some real big ones!
  9. Hey I have the Navionics phone app and it works great. I am headed to LOTW this weekend. Does the App cover that water? Just wondering since if you want to cover LOTW with their map chips you have to buy a different one. Please let me know. Thanks, Mike
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    Hey where were you fishing? What lake not spot on lake?
  11. How large is that one? If you don't mind me asking how much was that?
  12. I would suggest heading to boat show and sit in both of them. It really a great way to compare different brands and models. Just have to walk around instead of drive all over town. Really helps other half be part of choosing your new boat, assuming that approval is necessary. Good Luck!
  13. Please post the link. I have seen it done many times
  14. Fish tech has it correct for wiring 2 6 volts together.
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