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  1. gritsnham

    Jack Plate Repair?

    Jack plate is leaking fluid and presumably has a bad seal on my skeeter. Its a CMC Pl-65. Any recommendations on the best place around the metro area (or otherwise) to take it into? Hoping its just a seal but as the motor needs to come off to get at it this one is beyond me. Also has anyone had someone install a new jackplate around the metro in case I decide to just upgrade? Thanks for the help!
  2. Im sold any stores around the metro that have them or does TW?
  3. gritsnham

    Need some help - where?

    Lot of good lakes mentioned pick one and go enjoy some time on the water with your are just a bonus! O and enjoy the new kitty...been starting to look at those myself
  4. gritsnham

    What's working now

    Fished the metro hard over memorial weekend and had some awesome catches. Swim jigs, square bills, jigs and t-rigged creatures did the best for us. Lot of fish moving up shallow and by Monday started to see more small males cruising...I suspect RK is right that beds will be very prominent this weekend!
  5. gritsnham

    Vexilar Fishphone

    I must totally agree with this post. You are not going to get the 6 hours the unit has out of your smart phone so unless you have a power source it seems kind of limiting. Also the screen may be slightly improved but will still depend on the actual camera that is on the unit and of course water clarity. I will also take a wait and see approach. The frozen lake tundra just doesnt seem like the place for a table for me and my iphone screen sounds too small to be an improvement over the aquaview I have.
  6. gritsnham


    Ahhhh guilty of not looking close enough when I did a quick google search price check. I may actually have to look into that now...way easier that finding non oxy and mixed and ethanol free? Whats a couple bucks right?!?!
  7. gritsnham

    Wax Worm substitute?

    Gulp or lindy plastics have always been my favorite. Action goes a lot further then scent does some days.
  8. gritsnham


    Looks like home depot carries this product...
  9. gritsnham


    Interesting but yea that is spendy! I like the no ethanol part but at $3 and change a gallon for premium and a bottle of amsoil that lasts for years the cost is a little high for my liking. Let us know how she runs over the course of the year...also your choice but I leave gas in tank with stabil over summer (run it through to "summerize" my auger) otherwise you always have some gas in lines thats gonna go bad.
  10. gritsnham

    Hitch series trailer keeper

    Superglue until the stock gets wonders on swim jigs
  11. gritsnham

    What Do You Do When You're In a RUT !!!

    Drink a love it and it gives you instant confidence:)
  12. gritsnham

    side imaging or down imaging locator

    SI hands down is going to give you much more. DI can help to clarify things in certain situations but really isnt that helpful IMO. I could not fish the way I now do without SI and love how much easier it makes exploring lakes and finding fish especially in deeper water. Save up for SI you wont regret it!
  13. gritsnham

    Open Seats

    Figured I would start one of these threads and maybe a mod can stick it at the top??? Got the day off so gonna sneak out for some fishing in the AM this coming Friday. Will either be going to Tonka or Medicine so if ya wanna come hang out on the boat for the morning shoot me an email.
  14. gritsnham

    998 SI mounting

    Hey BF24, Apologize for not sending ya those picks yet promise I will get them to you tonight just had a hectic little weekend... Go with the bigger ram mount you wont regret it, I went with making a small hole since it keeps the cords out of the way, I really should throw a small plastic cover on it but have not yet and have not had any issues.
  15. Try to learn from the situation if I feel I did something wrong and start casting again. In a tournament I get [PoorWordUsage] especially on a good fish or if my partner knocks it off with the net...that can cause cussing!