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  1. Did the same in my garage. I slid a landscaping timber (4" diameter green treated) across my rafters and hung chains off it. Very sturdy. I had 4 big deer hanging on it last year with no problem.
  2. Les Kouba is by far my favorite. His work often contains a bit of humor or whimsy. I had the honor of meeting him several times and he remarqued one of my favorite prints, "Coot Migration", for me. My other favorite is the Lutefisk Unlimited stamp print. It makes me smile every time I look at it. He designed artwork for many commercial products too, like the Holiday shotgun shell boxes. Did you know that he designed and created the Coca Cola label? A great man. I am also partial to the great Western artists, Frederic Remington and Charles Russell. They produced some great western wildlife art.
  3. Sure, I guess, if you like taking them the "old fashioned" way, with the shotgun. Much more exciting to get close up to them and kill them with your windshield. And you didn't even get me covered with glass when you dropped him. Maybe this Fall...
  4. Yeah, this fall when we DO go elk hunting, we're taking your vehicle. My truck blows out glass chips every time I turn on the defroster.
  5. I'll hunt any season that I can get drawn for. I figure that I'd rather be out in the woods looking for Mr. Longbeard than sitting at work wondering why I'm not in the woods. I've shot most of my birds in late seasons. tactics change, but it's all fun.
  6. I've hunted speed goats around Douglas WY for the last two years. I wanted to chase them all my life but never committed the effort... now I'm hooked. I''l be back every year. In 2005 I took the 15 1/4" buck below. In 2006, I got a nice 12" buck and a doe... hope to do better this year. I'd go for the buck license. It's maddening to watch a 17" buck walk by when all you have is a doe tag. If you're driving all that way, spend the extra money. Good Luck!
  7. Received this today - thought you'd enjoy it..... Here's a picture of the new world record whitetail. It was taken by the cousin of a coworker's sister's uncle's best friend's son-in-law. It has green scored 803 1/8 and was shot 6 ½ miles north of Lena, WI on the southeast corner of ol' man Henry's 80 acre swamp. Coincidentally, this is the smaller of (2) bucks that were sparing, but the hunter flinched because of buck fever and shot the wrong deer! According to the local newspaper, this deer had killed and eaten six hunters in the last week. Remember if you saw it on the internet it has to be true:)
  8. I do this with my portable. I bring along a can of saw dust and after I set up, I sprinkle the saw dust to mark the holes. Then move the house, drill the holes, shovel the slush away and move the house back. Makes for a cleaner, leveler house. The sawdust is just organic material so there's no pollution worries.
  9. Congrats on getting drawn! I too am hunting one of the later seasons. I apply for the later seasons and get drawn almost every year. I figure that I'd like to be in the woods trying to score on a longbeard rather than wishing for an early hunt that I didn't get drawn for. Some hunters will tell you that it's tougher to hunt the toms later, but it can be very productive. Late season toms may be educated to calls and decoys. For that reason, I spend a lot more time scouting than I do hunting. I figure that I spend 3 to 5 hours scouting for every hour that I spend hunting. I sneak out to my fields every morning that I can, from the Spring thaw to my hunt date, and glass from the roads. Turkeys are creatures of habit and will generally follow the same paths every day unless something spooks them. Pattern your flocks and set up on their daily path. Often they'll strut right to you without a decoy and a couple of clucks on your call. Good Luck!!
  10. Pic I snapped of the Grand Marais harbor at sunset. It was November 24, 2006 and the temp was 50 degrees! What an awesome evening.
  11. I bought the All-Season this year so that I could finally try to get something with my smokepole. I didn't read every letter of the rules, though and was upset when I found that you can't hunt the 3B season with the All-Season. Anybody know the reasoning behind this rule? 3B is mostly intensive harvest and no lottery. Doesn't make sense.
  12. Happy to set the record straight. A coworker of mine has a friend from that area and the friend had actually seen the buck. He forwarded the info to me. Nice to get the true story what with all the internet fakes out there.
  13. The buck was actually taken in Adams County, Ohio. Here's a link to the story in a local newspaper. http://news.pajamasmedia.com/2006/10/06/11243754_Adams_County_man.shtml
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