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  1. Sounds great guys. Thanks for the info. I know info is hard to come by as it is a private lake. Thanks again, KC
  2. Hello all, Going to be visiting extended family who is renting a place on Lake Panorama at the end of June. Has anyone fished the main lake? Mainly like to target walleyes but will go after anything that will bite from panfish, to walleyes, to bass or whatever. Just looking for any insight that anyone may have on this lake for the end of June prospects. Thanks in advance, KC
  3. Welcome to the KC area......I am originally from MN also. Been here about 10 years now. The hunting is definitely better down here than in most of MN.....whether it be deer, turkey, or waterfowl especially. The fishing is definitely different than what you are used to. Fish can definitely be found but great Walleye lakes will not be a dime a dozen. Good luck down here. Post up when you get into some around the KC area......I will do the same. Once again, welcome to the KC area.
  4. Thanks for the replies. It seems as if we may be leaning toward Stockton or potentially Milford in KS. Anyone have any thoughts on the spawn progression at these two lakes at the beginning of March. Where would you start out fishing them if you were fishing them? Any ideas would be greatly apprecaited. Thanks in advance. KC
  5. Thanks Barry. Appreciate it. Probably won't venture over to the Mississippi from KC this year but it could become an option if nothing else pans out.
  6. Time to start planning again for a few early spring trips. I am looking into the first week of March as the first one. Anyone have any thoughts on any lakes that will be on fire for walleges then? Looking at maybe Stockton as it is a touch closer to KC than some of the others. Any thoughts on the spawn progression at that time on the Missouri lakes? Just wanted to get the season and some conversations started. KCW
  7. Thanks Finns, I guess I should have added that HSOforum into my list of things I frequently read. It is an informative place as well. We only fished for 4 hours on Sunday morning on Holton-Banner Creek lake in KS, only found 2 crappies that wanted to bite. Water temps were still 55 degrees surface temps. We marked a ton of fish in some usual spots we just couldn't get them to bite. Hoping for better luck next time out. Happy Fishin', KC
  8. Anyone finding any post-spawn walleyes in the northern part of the MO or anywhere in eastern KS? I will be heading out this Sunday for the first time for walleyes this year and was just looking for any lakes that aren't detailed in the KC Star or kdwp websites. Thanks in advance, I will post a report when if I find any.
  9. Water_Guy, I grew up in MN and have lived in KC for the last 10 yrs or so. I too miss the ice fishing. I make at least one trip , if not more, up to northern MN every year to satisfy the ice fishing urges. I have not heard of many people ice fishing muck on the big lakes. Like you have said, the ice is not the type of ice you were used to up north. Ponds usually freeze pretty well but I don't know any good ones to fish. I have heard of good ice fishing on El Dorado lake in Kansas but that is quite a drive for you up there. I don't think the ice is too thick there ever though either. Definitely not advised to drive a sled or wheeler out on any lake of any size. GOod luck in your search. Sorry I couldn't be more help. Post if you find any good lakes or ponds, I am sure you could have some fishing partners if you would like.
  10. Thanks for the help. I am planning on talking to some bait shops and the resort owner for sure, but I truly appreciate the advice about the shallows. ALways good to know. THanks again. Anymore advice anyone?
  11. I have never fished this lake. I am willing to try fishing for any species. We will be staying by Kimberling (sp?) City I believe. Any advice on areas, tactics, etc... would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. I guess since nobody is replying to this post that means nobody fishes this lake. Well, I fished Watkin's Mill this morning for bass and only boated 8. Most were caught on plastic worm, no specific color better than any other, and one on top water popper. Slow day overall and there was a lot of boats on the water for it being a small lake. I did see some sunfish being caught from the bank fisherman but no size to speak of. Happy fishing.
  13. I have never fished Watkin's Mill but I have heard some good things about it. Can anyone give me any info on the lake and possibly what one could expect to see as far as species of fish goes. I guess I am wondering if it is only a bass lake. Thanks for any info in advance. On another note I don't have any good fishing reports to post, it has been pretty slow everyday I seem to get out there.
  14. Cool, let me know how the lake treats ya. I think my weekend may be spent golfing now instead of fishing. Oh well, not a bad substitute.
  15. Thanks for the quick responses guys. I apprecaite the feedback as I may not make the drive up there then with all this rain we have been getting. I may just keep trying the old standby lakes closer to KC, or maybe venture out in to Kansas some more. Good luck fishin fellas. Finns I hope you get to feeling better and your partner too.
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