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  1. tonkapat

    Hubs in the wind?

    put the door on the nonwindy side. Put 2 screws on the windward side corners, start with one setup then add the other. Put one more to the hub on the windward side and you should be good in any winds. If there is absolutely no snow i add one more on the corner nearest the door so when I use the zipper the house doesn't move around
  2. tonkapat

    how long should a battery last after charge

    do yourself a favor and go and buy an onboard charger with at least 10 amps per bank. Stay away from pro mariner chargers. I would do this soon before you wreck anymore batteries.
  3. tonkapat

    Hubs in the wind?

    Hubs are the best shacks in the wind as the fabric is under tension. A flipover tub style house will blow away in heavy winds when your butt leaves the seat so they need to be tied also. I have never had to use more than 4 stakes ever for a hub house. Don't listen to agronomist as he doesn't know his head from his a$$ and who would believe anyone from iowa talk about ice fishing anyway.
  4. tonkapat

    Car through the ice today

    Yea theres a lot of flow through halsteds through six mile creek. I sunk my sled there a few years back. The whole creek was wide open it was -10 and you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. I ran right into my buddy while on open water got the belt wet and sunk. Six mile can be wide open at any temp.
  5. tonkapat

    Car through the ice today

    Last year some silly-me drove through the chanel and sunk. Hope that didn't happen again.
  6. tonkapat

    Car through the ice today

    Hopefully everyone is ok. I have lived near the lake my whole life and wouldn't even consider driving on halsteds. A couple years back the bay had large portion of open water all year while the rest of the lake was locked up.
  7. tonkapat

    Yetti 8x16 Owners ????

    With aluminum its not if its going to break its when. Attachment points are usually the weak spots.
  8. tonkapat

    2012-2013 Gophers

    Nice defense boys. They won't even be .500 in the big ten playing like this.
  9. tonkapat

    Denver Vikings....LOL

    And when did they find this? You must work for the media with your facts.
  10. tonkapat

    how long should a battery last after charge

    What kind of charger? What kind of heater? My guess is bad or cheap charger that took out the battery
  11. tonkapat

    Which Clam one man?

    none of them. All there sleds are plows and cheaply built. Any other brand would be a step up
  12. tonkapat

    Trout Photo Gallery

    lharris thanks for the photo. Absolutely beautiful fish. I love the colors on the browns and the hook jaw.
  13. tonkapat

    Fish house frame info anyone?

    one option is to use jacks on the corners of the house instead of hydraulic cylinders on the wheel assemblies. This also allows for more width on the interior of the house between the wheel wells as the hydraulic assemblies are mounted inside the wheels. I would guess a much cheaper and easier option also. Electric jacks have a hand crank backup so maybe a little more security over a hydro system.
  14. tonkapat

    Solo 2.5 Leaking Gas

    some things never change. I have owned a few strikemasters and everyone has leaked within a year or 2 of being new. Got a nils a no problems now after 4 years. Why don't you guys just take them up to big lake for service
  15. tonkapat

    New fish house-Is a v front really needed

    If you like burning gas and going slow don't put a v on it. I wouldn't even consider one with a flat front.
  16. tonkapat

    marcum troller update?

    Its upgradable for $50. Got mine done before christmas. Yes it does have zoom. I I was actually impressed with the zoom screen.
  17. tonkapat

    Replacing Strikemaster Plastic Handle?

    You bought an auger with plastic handles Theres one born every minute. I don't know of anyone still using there original handles. Must be a good money maker for strikemaster.
  18. If you want to use a drill just by some grk lag screws. They work great. Fleet farm has them. Why do you need a drill for eskimo ice anchors? They go in pretty well already.
  19. tonkapat

    Stopping tip up spools from spinning?

    +1 I got mine for a present 20 years ago.
  20. tonkapat

    Wood Foundations?

    Don't pay them anymore than the land is worth. Its just a really bad idea that is really expensive to fix.
  21. tonkapat

    Nils Master short shaft auger

    try red rock store
  22. tonkapat

    Stopping tip up spools from spinning?

    Go with a beaver dam tip up. The cheap ones all do what your talking about.
  23. tonkapat

    Best Foot Warmers

    another option is to buy wool felt insoles for under your liners.
  24. tonkapat

    Best Foot Warmers

  25. tonkapat


    Nothing wrong with kraft back insulation. That would be my choice as I disagree with using poly. Don't use osb for your lid. Blow the attic if its not for storage.