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  1. Lowblazah

    Internet Usage

    LOL! I didnt even think of that! Sorry "Dave's son".
  2. Lowblazah

    Internet Usage

    Yep...easily. and I bet your son is responsible for over 75% of it.
  3. Lowblazah

    Catfish gear USA

    Yeah it was at least 6 weeks for me as well.
  4. Lowblazah

    Catfish gear USA

    Yep, last year...and I had issues too...finally did get them but what a pain in the ***
  5. Lowblazah


    Trent Dilfer begs to differ.
  6. Lowblazah

    That auction site...make an offer??

    I do this exact thing for an e8ay store I run for a client, however in my listing details I specify "Offers entertained only for requests of multiple quantities." FYI...Just wanted to throw that out there.
  7. Lowblazah

    Flathead & Channel Catfish Fishing Reports

    4 wheel drive truck.
  8. There arent any open yet. (Besides Lake St)
  9. Lowblazah

    You Tube is soooo slowwww

    DDos attacks happen almost daily. That wasnt the same caliber attack. DNS, anti-SPAM, bandwidth are all affected this time around. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/27/spamhaus-cyber-attack_n_2963632.html
  10. Lowblazah

    You Tube is soooo slowwww

    winner winner chicken dinner.
  11. Actually the group went bankrupt, the bank made the deal with Popeyes. Even though KFC (Yum Brands) offered a higher bid price for the buildings, but due to their shady reputation the bank went with Popeyes. LOL. Church's/Popeyes both have better yardbird than KFC in my opinion.
  12. Its a tribute...to the best car wash in the world.
  13. I purchased a car wash on my way back from fishing in NE Iowa last weekend...only to pull around to the car wash and find the line 100 cars long. Thinking I could use it at another kwik trip, I took off heading home. Unfortunately these arent transferable between locations and I wont be back there anytime soon. 1st to respond can have it.
  14. Lowblazah

    Capturing Netfix videos?

    All domestic flights now have wifi as well. Their satellite internet does not have the bandwidth to support netflix however, or any streaming video apps. GoGo-inflight states that right on the home screen when you connect up.
  15. Lowblazah

    Building a custom laptop

    Great idea on the NAS! Scott...what program requires that much storage?