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  1. We ended up replacing most of the brake system as well now it starts and stops!
  2. At the resort we always run 2 lines. it is cheap and saves you digging it again in 10 12 years!
  3. Last talpia I had was woody and tasted muddy:-( I won't eat that again...ever!
  4. They make an "over the arch" patch that we provide and install for $800 a side. This includes paint. I'm sure that some do it for more and perhaps someone does it for less. It will buy you about 6 years or so if done correctly. Another place they let go is in the rocker panels and cab corners also look at the seam on the door bottoms. Nothing lasts forever...especially in Minnesota.
  5. I cheaped out and bought the "better" one from the M box store. Covers 240 deg. If that doesn't work I will mount another one on the shed aiming the other way. I'll just tell folks to wave their arms as the approach to trigger light. LOL! Funny I saw "Good" and "Better" but when I asked the guy if they carry "Best" he smiled and said they don't carry the "Best".
  6. I have an area that is in the back of our place by the driveway and it is very dark back there. The walkway is perpendicular to the back of the cabin and then then you turn right and walk up the ramp (which is paralell to the back of the cabin) to the porch. Would like 2 motion sensors, to ensure coverage, of both the ramp and the walkway with one light fixture...is this possible? I intend to use a double bulb floodlight fixture. Is one brand better than the others?
  7. As long as the mirror snaps in tight it will work just fine with the heater wires not hooked up.
  8. I ordered 9 gallons of the original for the cabin Monday.
  9. Anybody ever use Waterlox floor finish? I'm thinking of using it on the pine floors at our cabin.
  10. Yes I heard something about concrete slabs...also something about lots of guys to fill the cribs. LOL! Del, ASV is a small track loader similar to a bob cat. Made in MN I believe. Up at the lake we have a back hoe, two skid loaders and 2 dump trucks.
  11. Like I said before I'm not in charge...just one of the workers. I know all permits have been pulled as this is a commercial operation. I have never worked on a dock building crew. Just was trying to be prepared for what will be asked of me as a laborer (i.e. do we need to get in the water? yikes) I know they are talking about using a Backhoe and an ASV. How do they level the cribs? How do they keep them from sinking into the muck?
  12. How do you build "Cribbing" for permanent docks? I am not the project mgr...just a laborer. I have never been part of this kind of job before. from what I understand we will be building them on the ice...but how is this done? Do you build the cribs and then cut a hole in the ice and set them in? I see a HUGE pile of rock to fill them with...Just curious as to HOW it is done I have been told it is like Lincoln logs...I get that part, Just looking for a step by step general process. The guy in charge has done so many I think he has a hard time explaining the general process to a square head like
  13. Well that will be interesting to see how they enforce that! Anyhow the Fischer is an awesome stove. Grew up feeding a momma bear at my parents house. I t is still in the basement but it isn't even close to EPA compliant. I have a Wilkening (made in Walker MN) at home and the Osburn at the lake. both have some sort of pollution control built into them and are set up to draw air from the outside. The new stoves don't require a draft control on the flue pipe as they can be regulated by the air intake (pre combustion). Like I said pretty much any stove can do the job just make sure it is heavy eno
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