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  1. Muskie fishing is starting to heat up in the Bemidji area! Today is the last day to register for the tournament. Stop in at Gander Mountain in Bemidji from 5-8 this evening, or register online through our page at www.bemidjicassmuskies.org We have an impressive amount of prizes to give away at our tournament meal raffle. If you can't fish during the day for whatever reason, please stop by at the Beltrami County fairgrounds and join us for the awards and raffle where we will be presenting a check to Dr. Andrew Hafs for an Aquatic Biology Scholarship! Awards and raffle begin promptly at 6! We have all kinds of lures, merchandise, clothing, gift cards, resort stays & guide trips to raffle away from the following sponsors and donors: Northcountry Guide ServiceSportsman's LodgeHassel's Hideaway ResortJerry Sondag Headshaker Guide ServiceBrian TruaxOutright Angling on Leech LakeBemidji AviationTackle IndustriesDK Muskie LuresMTOWindell TackleNaze BaitsCochran TackleKramer BrosSupernatural Big BaitsFudally TackleMonster LuresTaber'sL & MReedsGander MountainNorthland TackleSpot Knots & Reel DealsSunset Cove ResortChaos Tackle HoodieRollie & Hellen'sStittsworth MeatsXtreme DetailNoel's Bottle ShopPizza HutFast Lane CarwashGround RoundKeg & CorkHolidayPinnacleDeerwood BankNei BottlingKen K ThompsonSanford CenterPaul Bunyan CommunicationsSnap FitnessPets PlusBemidji TheaterCattails A HUGE thank you to all the donors & sponsors this year - please help us support these businesses with your future and continued business!
  2. Hey everyone! The Bemidji/Cass Lake Chapter of Muskies Inc is hosting our annual Lure Auction and Awards night next Saturday March 14th, and you are all invited! This is THE event you don't want to miss! Open to the public! Bring a friend or 20! We will be holding the event in the lower level of Keg N Cork in Bemidji starting at 5:00. We will have some awards and announcements from 5-5:30 while giving everyone the opportunity to see what lures they can't live without before the bidding starts! All the lures and equipment auctioned off are donations from our chapter members and friends. New, used, homemade, custom, rods, reels, release tools - you never know what is going to show up! If you have some old equipment or lures laying around collecting dust, please consider donating them for someone else to enjoy. In addition to the auction, we will have a raffle for several specialty lures. New this year, we will be holding a door prize drawing for some new and hard to get lures! All you have to do is show up for a chance to take home a free lure! We hope to see you there! Please contact Ethan Rogers at [email protected] for more info.
  3. 2012 Ice Castle Lake of the Woods 8 x 16 model for sale with all the upgrades. Cedar tongue and groove interior, air conditioner, dish, bay window, 9 holes, 6 rattle reels, bathroom closet, hole lights, jack-knife sofa, sleeps up to 5. $12,500. Available Feb 24th. I absolutely love this house. I do not want to let it go, but need to free up capital for a repower on the boat. This house will be on Leech lake for the next week. Give me a call if you would like to take a look at it. 218-766-6697 Ethan
  4. I have the LOTW model - have had no issues after 2 seasons and plenty of trailering trips to LOTW and Red. I was also concerned when I bought it with the possibility of freeze up just as you are, but now I wouldn't think twice about another LOTW purchase with the v front door.
  5. Pulled my 8 x 16 ice castle out on 9-10" last year with a wheeler. Not sure what the official weight is on my LOTW model, but the ice was NOT happy!
  6. A few Custom X's. 2 of the new Big Mama Dingbats. 3 Supernaturals (Can not wait to get those in the water - one is a sweet custom show color) Some Rabid Squirrels, a Hardhead and a few Mid-Dusas.
  7. Curado 300ej gets my vote too - it's my go to for smaller blades, spinnerbaits and straight retrieve top waters, which covers about 75% of my fishing. I also have a revo toro winch and revo toro 60 HS in my arsenal that have their time and place, but the ej is the best low profile reel out there in my opinion.
  8. Lake travel is nearly impossible right now. Took all 3 trucks we had to get to shore today from where we rode out the storm. If you have a plow or know someone that does that is about your only option to get a house out there.
  9. I looked at a lot of different manufacturers last year before purchasing my 8x16 Lake of the Woods model Ice Castle. I ordered mine the wany I wanted it. I got it fully loaded with cedar, a/c, sat, even had extra plugs placed in the house - I would highly recommend this as you will only get 2 standard, and a cable plug on the back wall to run a camera by the bay window that runs up to the tv shelf to plug into the tv. For the price, I am happy with what I have. I didn't get it out camping this year, but was used multiple times as a guest cabin when friends came up to fish this summer and the a/c was definately appreciated with the heat we had.
  10. Chaws - I ordered mine from a woodworking friend of mine. It's hard to find those three and four player boards anywhere - especially in a fish design I like the penalty jar idea of missed fish and broken lines! Is that considered a donation to the propane bill then?
  11. Yep - WD40. Feel free to take it to the car wash between trips and especially at the end of the season and really spray out the cables and cranks to get that salt out of there. When I bought mine, I was told to put all the bunks down when trailering the house so there isn't extra bounce and stress on them.
  12. With thoughts of nights in the hard side house growing stronger by the day, I thought I would see what everyones favorite games are that they like to kick back with a cold one while the rattle reels are down and play with the fam & friends. I just ordered a custom 4 player cribbage board yesterday for my house. Another I like to keep handy is Woods & Water. (always a hit) What's your must have game in your house?
  13. I have one in my house and use it all the time.
  14. Guidewear - I've spent too much over the years on cheap stuff that wore out or didn't work that I could have paid for my guidewear set several times over that I finally broke down and got this year. Roll the bones and don't look back - you won't be disappointed.
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