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  1. macgruber

    Trout Tutorial

    he's fine for the tail of the pool, but I think an army crawl up the left bank might be in order if dude wants to drift the meat of it...... stay low, stay hidden and make the first couple drifts count..... on sunny days with no surface activity on small streams, I like to drop a nymph off of a little bigger dry rather than bring an indicator into the mix..... seems like the fish spook less- softer landing and whatnot...... tough to fish really deep water with that setup but i've had good luck with it..... sometimes you'll find a hog that's looking up and wants a big dry too....... limit or eliminate false casts and fish upstream as this gent is doing......
  2. macgruber

    Trimbelle River

    there are a few good accesses downstream of 10, a couple at road crossings and there is a big improved stretch with some picnic areas and the like..... definitely worth a look if you are in the area.......
  3. macgruber

    Fall/Winter Stealhead Runs?

    u might get lucky casting from shore around the mouths of the rivers, but until the spring run ramps up, you typically won't fish fish in the rivers on the north shore......
  4. macgruber

    Wisconsin's Season Closes Soon!!!

    to the non-early season business i say hogwash..... len doesn't like it because he'd have to put on something smaller than a size 6 bugger and get delicate...... some of the best fishing you'll find is early season-- u just have to be willing to nymph...... and i did say some of the best cuz yeah, now is by far the best (especially if you're throwing large streamers and raps and whatnot).....
  5. macgruber

    Trout Opener?

    was out yesterday on hay creek on the section mentioned above by scudly-- single digits in temp but with the sun and no wind at all it was really quite nice..... managed nine trout between two of us..... most very small, but three or four in the 7-12" inch range..... pretty much limited to the top end of the pools, as anything with moderately slower water is frozen over..... but there were plenty of willing fish stacked up when you found 'em.... all caught on scuds in pink and orange...
  6. macgruber

    Record Quillback Caught!

    i've caught two quillbacks in my life, one below the stone arch bridge in minneapolis and one in minnehaha creek down by the river..... both were caught on minnow patterns..... one on a kalin grub with a 16th ounce weight worked slowly back toward me and it slammed it...... the other was stripping a streamer on the creek.... the fly was chased downstream by the fish...... i've even caught a carp on a mepps..... fish don't always behave exactly how you'd expect.....
  7. macgruber

    North Shore Salmon fishing

    not sure if ur info is spot on..... maybe somewhere else in the lake-- canada perhaps? usually u have to wait till lake sept on the north shore, and even then it's only on a few rivers...... i'll qualify that by saying i don't live up there, but i've fished the run the last few years and we usually go later.....
  8. macgruber

    Cutback on Kamloops

    black, i am absolutely with you..... superior's forage base isn't enormous and kamloops would definitely compete with larger brookies for food..... that said, i don't think the powers that be are convinced that even without competition the brookies would be able to complete a big comeback.... minnesota seems to be doing better than other states in that dept. though..... wish they'd just make it catch and release period for brookies below the boundaries..... and promote the heck out of the species.... lot's of folks don't know how special a recovered pop. of brookies in our waters would be.... i've still seen some poached, whether intentionally or otherwise.... everyone should be aware of the value they potentially have.....
  9. macgruber

    90% of carp netted from Lake Susan

    man, think of the amount on invertebrates and other aquatic life it takes to support a pop. of that size..... it'll be interesting to see the effect it has on the other fish populations in the various lakes they've been harvesting...
  10. macgruber

    Cutback on Kamloops

    not saying the stocking program didn't need a second look, but is the dnr's budget separate from the amendment we all passed a little while back?
  11. macgruber

    trout of 2010

    it's supposed to warm up next week..... whitewater here i come (or hay i suppose, though there likely won't be any bigguns comin from hay).....
  12. macgruber

    Rules on Holland

    it appears there may be some holdover-- the lake info. on the dnr's sight mentions the two brownies they netted in late july were stocked the previous fall..... i wouldn't feel any guilt over keepin any, though..... it's not like they are gonna start reproducing in there and the dnr is stocking adults in the 2 lb. range and will continue to do so, so i don't think you'll harm the fishery by keepin fish....
  13. macgruber

    Trout Fishing Destination

    kind of a random spot, but if you are in the park and want a nice little hike, camp and fish excursion, look into the black canyon of the yellowstone...... from the trailhead, it's about three miles to the confluence of hellroaring creek, very easy terrain and a well-defined trail...... nice campsites right there and to say the cutthroats are abundant would be an understatement...... there's like 5 fish behind every rock and they slam any high floaty fly we threw at em, plus spinners and giant stoneflies and woolly buggers...... there are bigger fishies where it dumps into the yellowstone and further up hellroaring the fish get smaller (prolly 6-10 in.), but feistier...... plus the scenery is really cool as the river is set in a gorge and is raging through this area..... hellroaring is not as crazy as the name sounds- a small to medium sized freestone river, wadable throughout..... plus we didn't see another person the whole two days we were there..... and the drive there passes the prime buffalo areas-- along that drive we saw huge elk, moose, grizzlies, hundreds of bison, and a coyote takin a dump in the road, squattin directly in front of a giant rv, blocking the road and staring down the driver as he did his business..... outside the park, the whole region is full of fantastic streams-- if you want a guided float i'd say the madison (above ennnis-- don't bother with the beartrap canyon area), yellowstone by livingston, or if the big hole has good flow that's another very nice one..... if you are fly fishing, all are very easy to fish as they are great dry fly streams...... for wading access, you can't beat the gallatin-- the highway follows it for miles and every bend in the road has a turnout and a path down to the river-- just avoid the crazy whitewater spots, obviously..... unbelievable evening caddis hatches there and beautiful pocketwater.....
  14. macgruber

    Trout Photo Gallery

    if you do make your way to wyoming, definitely do some hiking in the winds..... you'll find lakes loaded with every type of trout, and if you know where to look, you'll find some of those golden critters as well..... beautiful country and a huge wilderness to explore without the regulations of a nat'l park..... just be prepared for any weather-- we got snowed on in mid-august.....
  15. macgruber

    Trout Photo Gallery

    actually 'tis a golden, though they do look similar..... and can cross-breed...... hiked a long way for it.....