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  1. Mine were really producing today. Temp. change helped. I've got about 60 gallons for the week so far and will boil on Sat.
  2. doser

    Infrared Heaters

    I have propane and I was told your elec. may go up 50-60 bucks a month with these things ,but you'll say anywhere from $150-200 bucks on propane. I just filled my 500 gal tank the other day at $2.09 a gal and it cost me about $ 750 bucks. Last year I spend over $2400 on propane. I also have my water heater powered by propane too as well as gas stove and have vaulted ceilings.
  3. doser

    Infrared Heaters

    Anyone have one of these new heaters or any experiemnets with these? I know I see them advertised more and more in the last couple yrs. with the price of fuel going up. I know there are a couple different brands. EdenPure being the most popular aas well as iheater. I did a little research via the internet and read some reviews . Seems some people love them and some people claim they are a scam. I know my brother in-law purchased one and swears by it. Says his furnance only runs half the amount of time as it did before and no longer gets bloody nosses either.
  4. doser

    Hunting Accident in Sibley County

    I hadn't heard the mental illness thing. I'm good friends with the Sheriff and he had said to me a couple weeks ago already that the media was already making some false statement in the paper and on TV. Two of the other deputies that were on scence that I'm also friends with had told me that there was more to the story that was going to come out , but couldn't elaborate obviously. I was trying to figure out what it would be for the last couple weeks , but I never guessed this!
  5. doser

    Nice day huh?

    It was a beautiful morning for turkey hunting!!! What are you talking about? Got up at 5:15am and looked outside and saw the semi-blizzard going on with 30 mph winds and crawled back in bed. Decided to go out at 9:30. when the snow slowed a little. Got in the woods at 10 am. Was actually decent inside once I got into the river bottoms. Saw many fresh tracks. After walking and calling for about 10 minutes I heard a hen yelp. Looked and there she was so I quickly sat down and called again in case she had a tom with her. No luck ! Heard a few more hens help from a field not far away so I set up my decoys and thought with a day like this I'm just going to sit and wait it out for an hr. Never heard a single gobble at all......low and behold had a Tom sneak in silently with out a gobble and killed the 23lber with a ten inch beard and 1" 1/4" spurs at 33 steps after 45 min. in the woods! I had promised the wife I be home by noon.I kept my promise. She thought I was absolutely off my rocker going out in that weather. So yeah I could say it was a beautiful morning! Good luck out there to the rest of you.
  6. doser

    Hunting Accident in Sibley County

    I'm good friends with three of the guys that were on the scene. One was the Sherrif and two others were investigators. I talked with one of the invd. and said the situation was just terrible and has seen alot of stuff , but this one was hard to handle. I feel for the family and can't even imagine. They also said there was a camera man on scene before the rescue squad got there. Unmarked van with no identification shooting about 200 hund. yards away. Said when he saw it on TV couldn't believe how close they could zoom with those cameras.
  7. doser

    MN Muzzleoader No Scope rule

    What Lawddog said . My feeling 100% as he.
  8. doser


    I shoot 100 grains , but I use the actual black powder.
  9. doser

    Handheld GPS: Color or not?

    Oops! Sorry I meant about $220! That was a typo. I went back and look at the reciept and I actually paid $211.95 . That include shipping,tax, etc. Actually there was no shipping cost. Check out tiger gps (Contact Us Please) com.
  10. doser


    Jason, I own a .50 Cal CVA and have killed three deer with it. Very accurate and never have had problems with it. The main thing like any smoke pole is making sure it is cleaned properly. Would I like a TC? Of course, but my CVA is also as accurate as any gun I've ever owned. You must also remeber CVA is probably the one of the older co. around when it comes to muzzle loaders.....so they do have a good reputation and quality as far as I'm concerned.
  11. doser

    Handheld GPS: Color or not?

    I have the color version and like it! If you guys want to save $ on these things rather than purchase one at a store do a google search and you can buy these units alot cheaper on line than in the store. I believe I paid $120 for my H2OC with no tax or shipping and handling.
  12. doser

    2007 Deer & Bear Pictures

    Yes I did!
  13. doser

    2007 Deer & Bear Pictures

    Here is the buck I shot Mon. night. Sorry it took so long.My 5th buck with a bow and by far my biggest. Best thing about taking this one I've passed on probably ten to twelve bucks smaller than this the past three yrs.and it makes the wait all worth while. This one is the night of Sorry for the blood on the mouth.
  14. doser

    2007 Deer & Bear Pictures

    Well everything came together for me last night. Arrowed a nice 10 pointer! I have pics.,but unfortunately I have to find the adapter to my camera to plug into the computer so I probably won't get pics uploaded until late tonight after 10PM because of work. I got on stand last night about 5:05PM and did some light rattling and grunting and using The Can Call every 20-25 minutes. Around 6:10 I did a series of grunts and hit the can a couple times. About 7-8 minutes later I see a deer walking the creek edge . After he came out of the brush I noticed it was a nice buck. He was walking with his nose to the ground like he was trailing something. He was about 75 yards from me and then I hit the grunt call a couple times. He never stopped so I blew it real hard. He then stopped and stood still. I grunted then twice with one long grunt and one short grunt. He turned and trotted to me like he was on a string. He stopped about 21 yards from stand broadside and that's when I double lunged him. He ran about 150 yards and of course swam across the creek and made it half way up the bank and expired. After tracking him, falling into a drainage ditch up to my waist and draggin him up a steep ravine I finally got him out to my truck about 9:30PM. Lots of work , but well worth it. He is not real wide, but his tines are long and high. Definately biggest buck of ever taken. Hope to get pics up by tomorrow. After reading the post and seeing the pics the last couple of days it really got my blood flowing to get out. I wasn't able to get out for over a week and it was driving me nuts! I had a strange feeling about last night that the bucks would be moving and I guess I was right. I think things are starting to really heat up now and the chase faze is picking up. As I was tracking him I ran into alot of nice rubs and scrapes. Good luck to the rest of you and now is the time to be in the woods.
  15. doser

    10 Pointer!!!!!!!!

    Your a complete liar PJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's an 11 pointer!!!! Congrats! Gets my blood pumping also! Nice brute.