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  1. Fishing_Novice

    Week 1-2019-dayton

    The luck continues!!
  2. Fishing_Novice

    Week 36

    Thanks Juneau4 for running the league! Had fun!!
  3. Fishing_Novice

    Week 24

    It seems to be working
  4. Fishing_Novice

    Week 10

    Two good weeks in a row!! Where is everyone fishing this opener? I'm hoping to be on Leach Lake if the ice is out!!
  5. Fishing_Novice

    No Yahoo Fantasy

    I'm in again this year. I took last year off but won the year before.
  6. Fishing_Novice

    2016 hso Fantasy Auto Racing Champion

    Thanks Jeremy for running this league. I've been playing for a few years now and really enjoy it. Scott Schrom
  7. Fishing_Novice

    Week 8 Winnner

    Thanks! Fun race to watch!!
  8. Fishing_Novice

    Week 6 Winner

    Thanks Jeremy! Everyone gets lucky once in awhile.
  9. Fishing_Novice

    Week 36 winner

    Thanks for putting this together Jeremy! Have a good off season!
  10. Fishing_Novice

    Week 7 Winner

    Thanks! I needed a good week after my 117 points from the last race. Still 350 points behind you Airjer. Long season and having fun!
  11. Fishing_Novice

    Week 1 Winner

    Thanks Jeremy! Usually I start the year with a score of 200 or lower. I did have a C driver (Smith) He was listed as NE but he did race in Kurt Bushes car and scored 60 points by finishing 16th. Thanks for setting this up!! Scott
  12. Fishing_Novice

    HSO Fantasy Nascar 2014

    I'm in!!! Thanks!
  13. Fishing_Novice

    2013 HSO Fantasy NASCAR league

    There is another option if people still want to get in. The commissioner (BlueLundFisherman)can go to the Commissioner tools and edit the group settings. One of the choices is to drop one week during the season. Just a thought.
  14. Fishing_Novice

    2013 HSO Fantasy NASCAR league

    I'm in. Thanks! BlueLundFishrman
  15. Fishing_Novice

    Week 10 Winner

    Not that i'm counting or anything but this is my second win this year. Thanks for doing this league Jeremy - doing this league makes watching Nascar more interesting. Scott