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  1. HeIsLegend

    Mute Swan

    If it flys it dies.
  2. HeIsLegend

    Fall Bass Lakes

    Mississippi, Tonka, white bear, st croix
  3. HeIsLegend

    FAll Smallmouth?

    sporadic retrieved X-raps, lipless baits or fat crank baits dt3's some wiggle warts. Red or brown craw color. If you don't catch any on these.........we'll stick to live bait.
  4. I've been using #3 blackclouds and been hitting them preddy hard, but I'm having the same experience as Sledneck. Compared to the fed prems I use to shoot. I've been putting out a longer lead. There are special chokes made for blackcloud ammo. I believe they had a longrange and a mid-range model. I would defiantly like to see how they perform
  5. HeIsLegend

    2008 Waterfowl Photos!

    On opener. Mix bag of four (behind my thumb but a limit of some beaut redheads!
  6. HeIsLegend

    2008 Waterfowl Photos!

    3 hours on a slow opener. There's a forth one in there too. Two red heads, a ring and a woody.
  7. HeIsLegend

    Walleyes of 2008!

    Local girl without my arm stretch out
  8. Wonderin if ted and shane pulled their bags from "the spot" at n/s center. I've always heard every annual winners always win just from "the spot"
  9. HeIsLegend

    2004 GMC Sierra Steering Noise.

    Since you haven't had the need to constantly top off your p/s fluid its a typical sign that you need your power steering pump replace. Also it is very common around this point of mileage to get the ps pump replaced. More then likely its your power steering pump going bad. Bearings are getting worn, or pump shaft seals is going bad. The vibrations flow to the rotary valve then to your steering column. I'm about 75% sure that this is the cause just by listening to the symptoms. The irritable whining is usually a clear giveaway that the power steering pump needs to be replaced. Shouldn't be more then 100 bucks to get a replacement at an auto store. There will be a core charge so you will recieve money back when you return your old pump. I would suggest buying new service belts since your down there ;-) Not to make anything more confusing but if you feel a "clunk" type feel while turning your wheels at low speeds. There has been at GM tech bulletin that applies to this issue and your type of vechile. Which i'm sure the dude at the shop was referring about. I really don't believe this is "your" issue. You can check out some more info here. [Note from admin: Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.]
  10. HeIsLegend

    Where ya finden' em?

    I hope you don't mean walleye troll
  11. HeIsLegend

    Where ya finden' em?

  12. HeIsLegend

    Mille Lacs Smallies

    I've heard that the lacs smallies caught the mallieinfluenza and they all died. Probably not worth the trip ;-)
  13. Ahhhhh, can't access anything of that sort. Quote: UBB Message You do not have permission to view user profiles. Can ya email at [email protected] I can pay you today with paypal..
  14. HeIsLegend

    Beer+Bonfire+Friends=Life's greatest questions

    This is a lame question. I live to fish. I don't fish to live. Every cast I make I would make it as if it were my last!!