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  1. Jaspernuts

    trolling down a mercury 150 4 stroke

    All excellent tips, thanks guys. Yes, looking at getting down to 2.0,2.2 for cranks.
  2. Jaspernuts

    trolling down a mercury 150 4 stroke

    I do have a bow mount, but if trolling all day that would toast the batteries. Are the socks easy to use?
  3. I just got a 2013 crestliner superhawk. Love it. It trolls down to 2.8 mph. Too fast. Will the smartcraft gauges get me low enough or will I need one of those goofy things you put on the prop?
  4. Jaspernuts

    Cleaning carpet

    Got a new boat and was wondering what you guys use to clean your carpet. Anyone ever Scotch Guard theirs? Ive never had a new boat. I don't like the idea of fish slime on my new baby!
  5. Jaspernuts

    Best Fish/Ski combo

    Currently have a 1998 crestliner fish hawk 1750 with a 2 stroke 115 johnson on it. Looking to upgrade and kids will be starting to tube/ski soon. Looking at the Crestliner Superhawk ( love it, but might be too spendy), Smokercraft Ultima and Mirrocraft 1766. Anyone have any experience with these models, good and bad? Thanks for your input.
  6. Jaspernuts

    Audit Push: Time To Act!

    My buddy has an 80 acre oasis he manages for deer in the middle of this black prairie down here. We usually have about 20 different deer on the cameras every year. I would say it works pretty good.
  7. Jaspernuts

    Brand new Yamaha Overheating

    My buddy has a new 4 stroke 25 hp yamaha. It goes into safe mode for overheating. He took it in and the dealer is telling him he should idle it after going wide open and to idle it a minute before taking off. I have never heard of that and I think its a bunch of garbage. Anyone else have this issue? You should be able to start it and go.
  8. Jaspernuts

    2002 mitsubishi eclipse

    Scary. We use to have special rates and special diagnostic fees for those at the shop I used to work at. I would run, don't walk!
  9. Jaspernuts

    Do I need to sand deck after powerwashing?

    Im not an adjuster for home repairs. You will have to forgive Buck Dr. Juice, he's crabby because mother nature is trying to fill up all the natural wetlands that have been drained over the years. He probably has ducks and geese on his land and as we all know, there is no place for wildlife in the ag industry in minnesota.
  10. Jaspernuts

    Cylinder Rebuild Cost

    After being quoted around 2400 by the local rip off artists here in Madison Lake, I took my 115 johnson for a complete rebuild to Gilomen Innovations. Google it. Very fast and good work, nice guy. All 4 pistons, 1000 out the door. Has been 3 years and no problems.
  11. 3 year old deck in need of new stain. I have powerwashed and cleaned. Do I need to sand before staining? Some say to do it, others say not needed. Do you think I should?
  12. The word around here is some guys getting a few in open areas on sunny hillisides. The woods are not producing yet around here.
  13. Jaspernuts

    Female Lab ruined lawn

    I have this too. Will I need to reseed? It looks pretty dead.
  14. Jaspernuts

    1999 Ford Battery/Starter

    Have you tried banging on the starter with a hammer while someone else tries to start it?
  15. Jaspernuts

    F-150 coil issue-2000

    You can buy all 8 off the bay for seventy bucks. Thats cheaper than the diag you will pay and thats the price of one coil at the dealer. Then they are all good for another 100k. Easy to install yourself.