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  1. Was going down a township road with the combine the other day and this guy parks on the shoulder of the road (seen me coming), lets his dog out and starts his hunt on a small WPA - not more than 100 yards from the WPA approach - Unbelievable! I got around him, but it was a bit of a struggle. This happens ALL the time.
  2. Over/Under - 300 Total runs scored I'll take the under
  3. Looks like there might be some good spots around the Hay Bale Area. Looks like it is quite a long trek from either the East Bay landing or the BTB landing. Just wondering if anyone knows of any other accesses to this area or East Devils Lake, private for pay, or public. FI
  4. Planning on taking the sleeper house out to Devil's in March sometime. Reading up on the regs and it says all houses need to be off the lakes by Midnight on March 15th, but can be used after that if taken off each day. My question is if we are occupying the house, can it be out there overnight after the 15th? FI
  5. Looking for a good place to take the family (3 kids) for a week this summer. I'd like to be somewhere that has a nice beach for the kids and some fishing for me and the kids. Does anyone have a place they like? TIA FI
  6. Oh man - Anthony Tolliver needs to be buried on the end of the bench. I don't get why he is getting minutes over AR. At least AR is a threat to score the ball. FI
  7. Will someone please make a shot!!! Rubio should have twice as many assists than he has. Wes Johnson and Webster both look completely lost on offense. FI
  8. Yeah- they just need a good 2nd scoring option because Pek is becoming a very solid 3rd option.
  9. Good game tonight - Like Beasly coming off the bench. Things are lookin' up! FI
  10. Sounds like 4.5 Million this year with 6 million option for next year with a 250,000 buyout. I sure hope they continue to look for a better closer on the FA market. FI
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