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  1. We just dropped directv, and are using a home theater pc with an antenna and a tv tuner. We bought the antenna for $18 off monoprice. The antenna works great. I think we are 36 miles from Shoreview. We use windows media center for recording tv shows.
  2. Look at page plus. They use verizon towers. You can use most verizon phones on the plans. 250 min/ 250 texts for 12/month. Or 1200 min/1000 texts for 29.99/ month with 100mg data. They also have unlimited talk and text plus 1 gb data for 55/ month. I use my droid x on it and it works great. There are coupon codes for 3 to5% off using callingmart.com
  3. Skeeter pee is very good. I have made a strawberry lemonade and just a regular lemomade skeeter pee. Both were a hit at our Halloween party. It costs about two dollars a gallon to make. One thing about skeeter pee is that it is around 10% alcohol. The first time I served it in beer bottles, and people do not realize how strong it is. It is a great summer drink.
  4. It is never to early to start making wine. I have been doing it for two years now. I started out with a wine kit and I am making several fruit wines from Jack Kellers web site. I have two different dandelion wines, a cherry wine, a jalepeno wine, and a blackberry port style wine going right now. Most of them are just one gallon. Another web site for recipes and help is homebrewtalk.com. I started with wine and I am also doing beer. I made a mash tun a few weeks ago, and soon will be trying all grain recipes. With the warm weather I am thinking about doing a smoke and brew day tomorrow. I have an extract beer kit to make before I try the all grain.
  5. The strawberry lemonade skeeter pee was good. I used strawberry pie filling, but I think if I did it again, I would use regular strawberries. I bottled the skeeter pee in 12oz bottles, and it is about 10% abv. I forgot to warn a few people how strong it is. My mother in law really likes it! This year I am making just the regular skeeter pee. I also made some welches white grape raspberry wine, I have not tried it yet though. I am doing the fortifying stage of my port style wine today. Adding everclear and brandy.
  6. I just started doing wine too. I have been doing wine and beer. I have done a merlot, a cabernay , and a strawbery lemonade skeeter pee. Right now I have a dandelion wine ,a cherry, and a blackberry port style going. My next one to start is a regular skeeter pee for our halloween chili party. It went over really good last year. The jalepeno peach wine sounds interesting. How did the rhubarb wine turn out?
  7. It looks like Carroll has named Jackson the starting quarterback already.
  8. Is anyone thinking of brewing more since the state might be running out out beer? Or just take a beer run to Wisconsin? My neighbor and I brewed 2 beers to test out from Midwest. One was the Belgium Witbier, and the other was the Grand Cru. We wanted to see which one we liked better. They will be ready to drink on Friday. I can't wait!!
  9. What would be a good beer kit to begin with ? I usually drink light beers or corona.
  10. I wonder if there would be enough interest to have a home brewers section here. I know there are other forums out there but it would be nice to go to 1 forum .
  11. Thanks for the recipe. It sounds good. Can you drink it right after bottling? What is the alcohol content? Has anyone tried the skeeter pee? I made some for our halloween party and it turned out pretty good. Most people liked it. I made a strawberry lemon flavored batch. I forgot to warn people that it was 10% alcohol. You usually start it with the active yeast slurry from the primary fermenter or you can use a starter batch of yeast. I plan on making a lemon skeeter pee for next summer when it is hot outside.
  12. The hard cider does sound good. Post it ifyou can.
  13. I just started making homemade wine. It is turning in to a fun hobby. I have made 2 kit wines and a batch of skeeter pee wine. I am wondering if anyone has any good recipes for fruit or other types of wines. I have a couple of 1gallon jugs I would like to use. Or even get more carboys. Thanks.
  14. Any ideas on where to get a deer processed in the s.e. metro? Von Hansens is good but expensive. Has anyone tried Gregs meats in Hamoton? thanks
  15. Look what happened in Buffalo county, it costs money to hunt there. Same thing will happen here in a few years.
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