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  1. That was Claude "Fish" Fishburn. I was hooked the minute I saw him. You can find some clips on Youtube. Many similar antics in my boat. I must say that the Lindners are my favorite. I really like the Anglers Edge show and Al's message at the end. My family stops what they are doing to listen. Nice to see an outdoor personality give glory to God through everyday outdoor messages.
  2. Does the juice stain or discolor boat carpet?
  3. I have one of his cookbooks, and it is always my first "go-to" when searching for a good recipe. Some are grilling recipes, and some good smoker recipes.
  4. I just installed the LP SS on a garage, and it went on smoothly and looks fantastic. I am a big fan!
  5. I would answer "yes" to all of your options above. The whole process is a fun and rewarding endeavor.
  6. I had the lawn hydroseeded from scratch 11 years ago. This is something that popped up around 3 years ago and it is becoming more prevalent. should I assume that this is some rouge fine fescue that may have just shown up? I have a guy that lives a few blocks away...a SERIOUS lawn guy...that says that he is seeing the same thing at his house. I will go online and check it out.
  7. I have a pretty nice lawn, and use a 4 step fertilizer program. The past few springs, I have sections...typically about 3' round...that green up early in the spring, and it is nice thin bladed grass. It's typically a lighter green. Then, as summer progresses, it browns out and gets "bristley". Any knowledge of what this is, what may be causing this, and what I can do about it. I have pictures I can send to anyone that wants to see it.
  8. I was called by my mom regarding her stucco house and repairing exterior stucco cracks. She was wondering if I knew what the best route is to repairing cracks so they hopefully don't show up again. The house is in Arizona, so there can be some pretty good temp swings between day and night. Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. stick

    Jimmy Big time

    I have been a loyal follower of theirs since they first came on. It is a nice lighter side to the outdoor world. Every year I get my daughter the season's DVD. She keeps it in the truck for our rides to the cabin.
  10. stick

    8" or 10" auger

    I prefer a 10" as I do a fair amount of shallow fishing (sight fishing) and I can see a whole lot more down there with the 10".
  11. Does anyone know off the top of their head what size allen wrench works for the bolts on a Rage broadhead (2 blade to be precise). I am fortunate enough to need to change the blades. Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. This is a new "hunters choice" category isn't it? I only remember intensive, managed, and lottery before. I like that additional category for recovering areas.
  13. Let me try and inject a little "voice of reason" to this conversation. If Johnson Outdoors owns both MinnKota AND Humminbird, are the new MinnKota's transducers' connectivity exclusive to the Birds? Nope...they still offer connectivity to most brands of electronics. Cool heads will prevail, and companies are always moving and jockying for market position. In the end...consumers win. Some of us that own "other" electronics, we may just need patience and let the market pressures and innovation move things in our direction. Or...eventually we will save our hard earned pennies and move in the direction of innovation.
  14. I posted "liquid fence" in your other thread, and I do swear by this product. I found I needed to hit the plants with it more initially, to get the critters accustomed to staying away, then after a month or so, I was able to back off from frequent applications. It has been the only thing I have used, and it has solved my problem.
  15. OK...so I'm out last weekend at slightly faster than idle marking fish along breaklines. My motor sputters and dies. This motor has ALWAYS run smoothly. I started with the primer bulb, and it was soft, and it never has been. As I was squeezing it, I heard air sucking on the gas line. then I noticed the gas line was weather checked and it was pulling air. OK...it ran out of gas. I then started the kicker (on the same gas lines) and it sputtered until the air was out of the lines then it ran great. I cannot get the big motor started now. It turns over but no start. I believe that when I normally turn the key to on (without starting it), I hear the motor "whirr" a bit, and I believe this would be the fuel pump priming the fuel injection system. I do not hear that now...so I'm guessing that the fuel pump went out. Can anyone confirm this or offer any other suggestions?
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