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  1. I_Got_One

    English Setters

    Hello all, I am look for some way to get a hold of Dan Pempek with alderwood kennels and I don't know if he stopped breeding or shut down his kennel but I can't seem to find anything on him. I am looking for possible stud dogs for my FemaleDog and I have heard great things from his dogs. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks
  2. I_Got_One

    Lake Michigan Brown Trout

    I was wondering about where the best place is to catch browns through the ice on Lake Michigan. Also if anyone has any tips on the equipment that is needed.
  3. I_Got_One

    Tica Reels

    Tica 500 reels are awesome I have 7 of them and use them for everything from smelt to lake trout and pike. I mostly used on my rods for pannies, perch, and walleyes. They are always smooth and easy to reel even when it is very very cold.
  4. I have the clam 2 person guide series and it is very light, seats move around to make room for equipment. The other thing that is nice about this shack is the fact the seat slide from the front to the back. So you can drill the holes right of the edge of the sled and slide the seat back and then you have all the room from the sled to the end of the tent for heaters, minnow buckets and fishing tackle. The only down fall is that it is very short height and the only really good way in and out is by flipping it over tent each time. But if you are looking for easy to pull lite and still have room for equipment there is nothing better
  5. I_Got_One

    Looking for Smelt?

    You are looking for smelt now? Why do you have to be looking for smelt now? If you would have been looking for last year at this time I would have had all you needed. Thousand of them 100's of pounds, and not a single person wanted any. I had to use them for trapping bait. Also I made my cat and dog eat 100's of them, good thing though I found out that they are amazing for their coats. Sorry I just thought that this would be a great place to vent on the fact that I caught way to many smelt a few years back.
  6. I_Got_One

    Ever Hear of a Buzz Bomb Lure?

    A friend of mine came back from the northwest territories with a little tid bit of information. They went fishing for lake trout and were jigging from the boat with a very interesting lure called a Buzz Bomb. I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of it or if anyone has ever used one. I am going to get some and see if they work on lake trout down here as well as they did up there.
  7. I_Got_One

    Target separation on flashers

    As it stands right now there is not is single unit on the market that is able to pick up a single plankton (phytoplankton or zooplankton) what the units today are doing is lumping many of them together to form that single supposed mark on the unit. This is actually giving the unit a somewhat false reading. The zooplankton are making their daily low light migration. This migration occurs as a large mass with millions of zooplankton moving at once vertically in the water column to feed on the even smaller phytoplankton. so if you think that you are seeing individual plankton you are sadly mistaken. But fish and lures will still show as a stronger signal since they are more dense then the plankton surrounding them.
  8. I_Got_One

    Target separation on flashers

    What you have to ask yourself will it make a difference if the fish is .5'', 1'' or even 3'' away from your presentation. If you are able to get the fish to strike it will not matter; it will also not matter if you don't get the fish to strike. Either why you have learned what you needed to know, and that is if the presentation you are using is working. If you are looking from the smallest separation distance get a underwater camera and the issue is over you will know exactly how far something is away from you presentation. For those that will say the camera will not work in the dark or in murky water, all i have to say is I am sorry there is no hope for you. If you still need something better then electronics or a camera I suggest you change you fishing location, try the grocery store, you will be able to tell the exact how far the fish is from you lure since you will be hold both. The later would be only logical next step for ice fishing. The new and improved tech that they are coming out with each year is just a way for individuals to see who's is longer.
  9. I am looking for a place in the UP on Lake Michigan that has a lodge or resort that provides guided fishing. Looking for Kings and Brown Trout...Does anyone have any suggestions? I heard the rainy river on lake of the woods is a good place to chase fall walleyes. What would be a resort or lodge to stay at that would offer guided services?
  10. I_Got_One

    Wabanna Lake Near Grand Rapids

    I am going up to wabanna on july 25 and staying for a couple of days. I am looking for some information regarding walleyes and pike. I looked at the lake maps and it is pretty much a deep bowl and for this reason i am wondering if the walleyes are normally suspended under the tullibees. Is the panfishing any good.
  11. I_Got_One

    Power Pro braided line

    To keep the braided line from spinning on the spool simply use a little mono for backing a few yards or so would be fine then connect the 2 ends and spool on your braided line and it will never come lose.
  12. I_Got_One

    Who uses an old jigging stick?

    I use the jig sticks when I go back home by my dad in the wausau/minoqua area of wisconsin because the water will allow the use of that equipment (depths less then 10 feet or so). Up here in the duluth area all the crappie fishing and panfishing seem to take place in 15' of water or more. The thought of hand or handing a crappie from 45' of water and having that much line on the ice, sparks nightmares for me, since much of my panfishing includes taking under privileged kids that have little fishing experience the first couple of times that I take them.
  13. I_Got_One

    eggs in perch

    Fish will start to produce eggs for the next year almost as soon as they lay the current years eggs with after a small amount that is devoted to recovery. It just takes till later in the year before you can tell that they are actually eggs. The sperm and the eggs will look very much the same until they are about to mature. Large walleyes for example 26" plus fish will sometimes carry there eggs for multiple year and not reproduce every year that is part of the reason slot limits work the way they do. The large female are soon in tune with what is going on around them that they will hold there eggs until the Circadian cycle, water temp, and spawn area are all perfect and if they don't find it they hold there eggs until next year. That is also why they can get to be so large if they don't have to spend the energy and making a new batch of eggs they can then spend it on something else like growing larger.
  14. Rod: 28" Medium St. Croix Avid Series Reel: Cetus Tica SB500 Line: Fireline Crystal 3# 3/4 diameter (was able to handle a 52 inch lake sturgeon caught off of the St. Louis river last yeat throuh the ice) Lure: #4 chubby darter in real roach and luminescent gray dace #5 Jigging rap in silver/black and Gold/Black 1/2 oz northland buckshot rattle spoons in gold and also orange And this year new favorite is the lindy rattlin flyer spoon in orange.
  15. I was up on burntside on both saturday and sunday we caught a couple of fish on saturday and then on sunday not so much we moved around on the lake but was unable to connect with a fish. Where I am going with this is that I am kinda of wondering what the change you made from the cloudy saturday fishing technique to the sunny sunday technique beside the way you jiggled your rod. I am planning on going up there agian so this information may be greatly usefull in putting together a plan. Since Saturday was the first time that I had ever been laker fishing. In one of thing that I did notice was the fish that we caught on saturday where in the smelt school in or around 40 fow. On sunday when we were moving around on the lake the one spot that we wanted to try had fisherman in it. The other thing that I noticed that we did mark a bunch in our hoping around but in was on a some what of a steep break on in or around 50 fow. So I quess my real question is when you guys were contacting fish on sunday was it in the same type of are or what kind of water did you move to. We did regret going back to where we caught the fish on saturday but for us the action was in a small window of about 1 hour and the other reason we went back is our auger ran out of gas oops. Thanks and sorry I was kind of everywhere with this post mind is going nuts trying to put a plan together for next time.