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  1. Quote:You have to catch it hook and line to qualify for a state record. there are is another set of records for bowfishing through the llba Quote:Seems a shame to shoot a bowfin to bury it. They've been roaming MN waters long before the bass and walleye developed, and they don't do any harm. To each his own, I guess carp are the same thing to me as bowfin how come there not a waste they hurt the water system just as much as the carp do rooting up weeds eating bluegill isnt that considered harm???
  2. im still out shootin. not much but i got a couple big ones. only got the pic of my dog. it was 13lbs. it looks like it beat the state record but by the time i relized it, it was buried over a day and lost alot weight.
  3. i might be intreseted in it. depends on when. saturday works best for me.
  4. they taste pretty good
  5. they are out there, we went out today and saw a couple 100 fish. took us all day to find them and what to look for to find them
  6. thats kind of funny.... during are trip almost everyone that came to see how we were doing saw us one the road or at another lake. but from thrus at 7:00amish to sat 11:00amish we were out drivin or shootin we only got like 5 hrs of sleep .
  7. me and one of my buddies went out to another buddies place and shot our first gar this weekend. we didnt get much, but all we wanted to get was to our first gar so we passed on just about everyhting else my very first one. my buddies first this was the biggest one we got, it was 42in long
  8. yea i cant wait, should be a blast
  9. yea, i got to excited when i saw a carp sittin right in the catts and shot without thinking. it took me more time than that to get it out. since my boat dont like to go into that stuff to easy, we had to get the gaff and the oar and push our way in. after that i dont shot them in that stuff.
  10. yea my dad found it when he went out fishin and he told me about it. there is some 40+ in there just cant get close enough to get a good shot. theres not much in the lake but there big. we ended up gettin 5 carp a dog fish and a big bullhead. my buddy knows a guy that will take them and when he cant we go out to his uncles farm were we bury them out at.
  11. more pics i know i know, i take to many pics i took my buddy out to get him a hog and i ended up with another one over 30 and his was 26
  12. i guess im lucky then, i have shot grapplers straight down in foot in a half of water w/ a 60lb bow and i get them out pretty easy. the one i never done is shoot in the cattails. i did that once with my muzzy and will never do that again.
  13. get the grappler tips, i went and bought the muzzys and didnt like them. with the muzzy i was losin 35-40% of my fish and with the grappler i went down to less than 5%. just be careful on where you shoot those tips really stick.
  14. my dad and i went out to a good spot today!!! he wanted to fish while i shot, but i ended up shootin 3 carp all above my PB today one thing that [PoorWordUsage] me off was i didnt feel like gettin my boat dirty toady so i put them on a stringer and ended losein one. i just shot at the bigger ones today took three shots and got 3 carp, but i did shoot another 3 times at dog fish and missed all 3. i didnt see much but worth it for these fish. my biggest (what my scale said) was 35, 33 and im guessin my 3rd was 30ish.
  15. went out today and we got into some more. got my first dogfish
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