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  1. andrew chadwick

    Flyer Spoon vs. Glo Flyer

    get something begger for chequamegoon... big buckshots, slender spoons and do jiggers work well there! good luck!
  2. andrew chadwick


    gill net...
  3. andrew chadwick

    Preserved Shiners?

    don't even bother. I bought some shad and the channel cats wont even touch them. I think it is the preservative...they stink, and not in a way the fish would like.
  4. andrew chadwick

    What Would YOU Do?

    oops, I missed the being in wisconsin part.Thought he was refering to mn.
  5. andrew chadwick

    What Would YOU Do?

    wait? when was the limit of pannies ever 25?
  6. andrew chadwick

    conservation fishing licence any one buy or have one?

    I will gladly pay 17$ a year to fish minnesota. Some people even buy duck stamps just to support waterfowl populations and don't even hunt them. Its only 17$, for an activity I enjoy every week of the year. I think its a steal of a deal. Ducksn bucks, if you are complaining about our liscences, don't even dream of going to Wisc and getting a , where you have to pay 50$ for a liscence, 10$ for an inland trout stamp so I can fish the brule for steelhead, and 10$ for a trout stamp so I can fish superior for lakers. Simply put, MN liscences are cheaper than most places. look, for example at how expensive it is for a minnesotan to hunt Iowa for whitetails, then how cheap it is for an Iowan to hunt minnesota for whitetails. As for panfish managment, well it all comes down to the angler releasing big fish and keeping the medium ones.
  7. andrew chadwick

    Strikemaster Pull Cord

    its a very easy fix. just buy a new pull cord from menards.
  8. andrew chadwick

    Gulp Alive Minnow Heads

    worked great on LOW for us.
  9. andrew chadwick

    Crappies- what would cause this color????

    thats a black crappie, not a white. I have caught tons of metro crappies with that color.
  10. andrew chadwick

    question about limits

    Just stop keeping fish one or two fish short of your limit, and then you can fish all the rest of the day and release them. its pretty simple. When we go to lake of the woods we usualy don't even keep fish until our last one or two days.
  11. andrew chadwick

    buck shot spoon

    I have about 12 of them, and find that they usualy only go on my line when I don't have a rattlin flyer in the same color.
  12. andrew chadwick

    any one else not use tackle bags?

    Wow, that has to be the longest sentence I have ever read. you know periods make things much easier to understand. tackle bag all the way. You just need to invest in a good one with a good waterproof bottom.
  13. andrew chadwick

    extremely sharp blades.. (pic)

    last year on lake of the woods my friend cut his leg so bad he had to got to the hospital to get stictches. My dad knew a guy who actualy cut OFF his big toe with a power auger. auger blades are sharp, no question about it.
  14. andrew chadwick

    Garbage on the ice

    take only memories( and a few fish), leave only foot steps. if it goes out it comes back. orange peels take something like 3 years to decompose. take it back with you.
  15. andrew chadwick

    free games, for kids in duluth

    email resent. I copied and pasted the email so if you don't get it this time you wrote the wrong address.