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  1. muskiechaser

    French Lake

    Thanks, never been out there this time of year. The boat parade does sound kind of funny.
  2. muskiechaser

    French Lake

    Has anybody been out to French lately? I was talking to someone at work, and he was saying the weeds make it very difficult to fish this time of year. Thinking of heading down this weekend some time. Thanks, John
  3. muskiechaser

    2 year old catches "20 pound" musky

    My 4 year old hooked a 5 lb bass last summer, I thought it was going to pull him in the water! Funny to watch them react when it doesn't come in like a sunny.
  4. muskiechaser

    Cold/Snow ski action?

    Heading up north this weekend, can't wait for 33 degrees and windy Saturday. Just hope my fingers keep cranking that reel.
  5. muskiechaser

    Hard(er) engagement of SS prop

    I'm idling @ 700-750 RPM. It's an EFI four-stroke. Maybe I'm just a little paranoid.
  6. muskiechaser

    What would you do?

    Photos, Measure, Put it back. It just might grow a little more.
  7. muskiechaser

    Hard(er) engagement of SS prop

    I have both a stainless and aluminum prop for my 75 HP Merc. I just switched from the alum to stainless, and the engagement seems much harder with the stainless steel prop. I assume this is normal, the SS prop is heavier, but it seems a bit much to me. Am I going to shorten the life of anything in the lower unit with the stainless prop? I do get better performance out of the stainless, but ultimately I don't really need it. A couple mph isn't going to make or break my day on the water. Thanks, John
  8. muskiechaser

    Cedar Lake by New Prague

    I haven't been out for ski's yet, but it was completely weeded over last week. Tough to fish like that.
  9. Does anyone know what the difference is between these three motors? Restrictor plate, fuel mapping, RPM? I'm just curious. John
  10. muskiechaser

    Question for everyone

    I don't think so, I assume it had cooled as it sat at the dock.
  11. muskiechaser

    Question for everyone

    The biggest problem with the boat was that it was upside down in the water. It was tied to the dock at the time, it was left alone for a few hours, when I looked again it was upside down. I'm still not sure how it flipped over. I wish I would have been there to see it (I think). I did make the mistake of parking it with the bow towards shore, giving waves easy access to the back of the boat.
  12. muskiechaser

    Question for everyone

    Thanks guys. I think I will follow the overwhelming new boat opinions. John
  13. muskiechaser

    Question for everyone

    Looking for an opinion or two here. My boat submerged and the insurance company totaled it. I have two options, new equivalent boat (not sure how long that takes) or buy it back and take $4725 cash. Everything worked after we got it upright except for the radio, and the boat has got some pretty good scratches on it too. The motor ran once I got the water out of it. It's an '06 Crestliner 1600 Angler and 75 Merc 4 stroke if that makes any difference. The price to buy it back was $8775. What does everyone think? Am I crazy to be considering buying it back?
  14. muskiechaser

    03 Trailblazer clunking noise Right Front

    Thanks for the ideas. I did check the suspension loaded and there was still no play in the ball joints. I have checked the sway bar links as well, and those seem to be tight. They have already been replaced too. That's why I'm at a loss. I worked at a locally based tire shop for 5 years and am/was ASE certified, but I haven't been doing this for about 5 years. It's amazing how you quickly you fall behind if you don't do the work regularly anymore. Thanks again, if anything else comes to mind I would appreciate it. John
  15. muskiechaser

    03 Trailblazer clunking noise Right Front

    That was my first thought, but there was no movement in them at all.